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Analysis of Taracare Inc

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Jorge Gonzales is the owner from taracare,inc. Taracare, inc. Is factory to assemble outdoor furniture for the U.S market. Before he bought it, he had good reputation as a sales of outdoor furniture. He hired a few staff, including alfredo Diaz as the new manufactured manager. After few months, alfredo had some issues to discuss with Jorge Gonzales.

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Analysis of Taracare Inc
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Some problems with materials and also can make a new problems with labor.

Delivery time problem, the product must be in stores as quickly as possible.

Need a new design and features for our product, and also need to increase our equipment utilization, but need financial support


1. Does Alfredo’s previous experience running a plant that made replacement windows qualify him to run a plant that makes outdoor furniture?

Taracera is manufacture factory where it fabricates and assembles outdoor furniture. Jorge Gonzalez as the owner, he purchased Taracare in 2001. Jorge had ambition for Taracare was to expand it form a small regional manufacturer to one that sold to major national retailers.

He had some problem and need new manufacturing manager. He hired Alfredo as new manufacturing manager. Alfredo was worked as plant manager of a factory that manufactured replacement window.

The previous alfredo’s job where he was worked, it was factory that manufactured material sold by large regional and national retailers. Alfredo’s experience can really help Taracera’s problems and Jorge’s ambition, because alfredo had experience and knowledge as manager that knowed how to manage and run a big manufacture factory. He just need more time to learn about a outdoor furniture.

2. What recommendations would you make if you were Alfredo?

If i was Alfredo, i would to find the each departement’s goal and try to talking with each departments to see all problems. After that, i would summarize all of their problems and their goals, also to see what goals they already achieved or not. After that i would call all of head departments to meeting and bring my summary to share their opinion about factory’s progress, their goals, their problems, and find some solutions together. But Jorge as owner also have to present during the meeting to give an idea and solution also give an evalution to them.

If the problem solved, each departments also have to keep cooperation each other, and also must have good communication all of them who work at Taracera including owner. Meeting should also have a schedule to be held continuously. Because Taracera is a new manufacture factory assemble outdoor furniture, so the main problems is about missing communication and cooperation between each departments.

3. Given Jorge’s background and apparent priorities, how is he likely to respond to Alfredo’s recommendations? On the bases of this likely response, is it possible to rephrase Alfredo’s recommendations so they are more appealing to Jorge?

Based on Alfredo’s background as plant manager of a factory that manufactured replacement windows sold by large regional and national retailers and what he has done to factory although he was a new manufacturing manager, Jorge have to give more attention to him because Alfredo so responsive to his responsibilities, and he also concern to factory progress.

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Analysis of Taracare Inc. (2016, Jun 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/taracare-design/

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