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Taylor Swift Narrative

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xEvery day I would blankly glare at my calendar, anxiously counting down the days. My cousin came with me, which only sent me bouncing off the walls. Our anticipation was building tremendously like a roller coaster reaching its peak. As we got ready, we were all decked out in country inspired outfits along with curling our hair to resemble Taylor. As we pulled up t, we were looking around In every direction like a little child In a sweet candy shop.

We slowly made our way Into an overly crowded arena filled with girls and boys dressed In a country theme.

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Taylor Swift Narrative
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Every which way I could smell hotdogs and popcorn sizzling through the air, coming directly from the concession stand. Every step to our seat fluttered our happiness like an ocean crashing upon the seashore. After finally making it through the crowds we finally approached our seats jumping for Joy as if we were on a trampoline. “l can’t wait; It’s going to be amazing! ” my cousin screeched at the top of her lungs, as she couldn’t stay seated for more than thirty seconds.

I raced to buy a T-shirt, so I could forever have a piece of her concert with me. I could only dream of meeting Taylor, but in our eyes Just being in the same complex as her was great. First we watched an opening band called “Hunter Hayes”, but In reality we were Just waiting for the main attraction: Taylor. By this time It was the moment we all had waited for. All I could faintly hear were fans screaming In every seat throughout the whole arena. The whole arena felt as If It was shaking due to the love of her fans.

In every direction, you could see signs that shined as bright as a Christmas tree. I could smell the smoke rocketing high from the stage surrounding us. Lights were flashing around the whole arena like a massive firework show on the 4th of July. Each scream coming from my lungs felt like a leprechaun, making tiny patches covering up my vocals. The concert was filled with talented dancers, large moving props, blazing lights, noisy instruments from her and, and Taylor strutting around the stage with her gorgeous sparkly guitar.

Every lyric from her mouth flowed with mine, as we sang in sync. After Taylor performed her last songs, the concert slowly faded into a slow attraction. My feet ached Like stepping on point rocks through a creek. Towards the end of the concert, Taylor tweeted that she ‘loved Chicago, and couldn’t Walt to return! ‘ We were left speechless In which we were overly astonished by the performance we had just witnessed. By the end of the night, I had lost my voice, but on, I would always be proud to call me self a “Swifts’.

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