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New California jurisprudence provinces that it is up to the prosecuting officers in a instance as to whether bush leagues are charged as grownups for violent offenses. What should a justice bash when eight male child’s from suburban in-between category households, confess to build up robbery and assault and battery of five Latino immigrant farm workers? In this instance, one must recognize what a delicate state of affairs this has come to be. If tried as grownups these eight male child’s could pass their following 16 old ages in juvenile detainment. They were described as being ‘ good male child’s with no other Marks on their records. With merely one ground for perpetrating such a offense, these male child’s need to confront their racism while justness is being served, with non-traditional penalty that will learn an unforgettable lesson.

As upper-middle category, above-average pupils, even some jocks, these male child’s evidently do non cognize what life is all about. Governments said that the male child’s were specifically looking for Latino workers to assail, so that shows the male child’s had some type of motivation. In this twenty-four hours and age where Americans have a demand to be treated as equal; equal chance employers, equal rights for work forces, adult females, Afro-American, Chinese-American, and every other group of people in this state, one would believe that someplace along the line kids would acquire the message that we are all the same. Children should be taught to love, non detest. It is painful to see such a offense committed merely for the mere fact that they were different. Didn’t detest offenses stop in the 1960ss? Why is it that still parents can non or will non transfuse in their kids ideals of an equal homo race? Black or white, brown or ruddy, rich or hapless, aren’t we all the same when you turn out the visible radiations? I am non stating that I think this is wholly the parent’s mistake, but they do necessitate to take incrimination. At the age these male child’s are at, their parents are some of their few function theoretical accounts, and they ever will be, but at this age, parents are the most influential people in a kid’s life, nil can come near to a female parent’s contemn, or a male parents congratulations. In that sense excessively, kids believe in what their parents believe in, non because it is right, but because it is the lone manner they know. So, parents should watch when they say they hate person or some group and we should all seek to be better people, for the interest of our kids.

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In a offense this violent, sing the attackers and their victims, a step of justness demands to be served. The attackers need to take duty for their actions. However, 16 old ages in a juvenile detainment installation does non look the best reply. James Twitchell believes that, “In recent old ages the dispensers of the jurisprudence are eventually recognizing that shame has a topographic point in punishment.”  And so, there needs to be a manner of mensurating how the male child’s are rehabilitated, and their community needs to be involved, every bit good as their parents and friends. Justice means equity. It means righteousness, nonpartisanship, honestnes, and unity. Justice should be measured by the victims themselves, they should acquire to see their attackers suffer and learn from their errors. That is what justness is all about. These boy attackers need to witness justness foremost manus in order for it to hold any affect Nutmeg State on them.

A penalty that can formalize such a hiesous offense demands to be rather originative. One could merely shout “An oculus for an oculus!” As Mark Costanzo concedes, “even the frequently misinterpreted ‘ oculus for an oculus’ transition in the Bible was meant to keep instead than necessitate vengeance.” ‘ But that is non how our judicial system works, although it would be just. Still there are others, like Bradley O’Leary who implies that “the penalty? should suit the offense, non the age of the violent wrongdoer. As a society, we can non demo any understanding for, or alibis from, the young person hoods? who are destructing our schools and neighborhoods.” ”These male child’s will be punished, as they should be, but their justice has an chance to alter their lives everlastingly. If I were the justice in this instance, I would do those male child’s work in the Fields with the Latino migrators for at least a twelvemonth or two, perchance longer. The male child’s would non be gaining money, they would hold to work off cost of infirmary measures and tribunal costs that their actions caused. They besides would hold to be watched over as they work so as non to allow them alone with anyone where they might perchance do injury to anyone else. This in bend could possibly construct a span and learn the male child’s that Hispanics are merely like every one else, and that hatred is non the reply to anything.

I believe that these male child’s should be made to experience the reverberations of what they did and how that affects the lives of those who they did it to. In no manner should they be let to populate a normal life, because everyone should cognize of what force can do, so that these sort of things do non go on in the hereafter. Merely so can we state that we are safe. Merely when our kids are acting the manner good male child’s and miss should be.


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