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Tempest Essay, Research Paper The Tempest is a drama that explores many subjects, one of which is the subject of freedom versus control. This subject can be explored by analyzing the characters of the drama. There are infinite illustrations of power and authorization through control, along with characters holding a strong desire for at that place freedom. All the characters in the drama suffer some kind of captivity before they are free. I will further explore the subject of freedom versus Control in the Tempest.

For a start the characters in The Tempest are all on an island of which they have no control over. Prospero and Miranda are put at that place after Antonio takes over the place of Duke Of Milan. This is an illustration of both characters holding deficiency of control in their lives. Although Prospero additions control over his life while populating on the island and he besides takes control of many other characters while life on the island. One of these characters is his retainer Ariel, who is freed from Sycorax after she was imprisoned in a tree for 12 old ages. Prospero controls Ariel by endangering to incarcerate the spirit if she does non obey him.

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Prospero promises to liberate Ariel if she carries out his instructions and orders. Ariel longs for her freedom and control of herself, she agrees to run errands for Prospero. Prospero has besides enslaved Caliban even though he provinces the island is truly his. The island was left to him from his female parent.

In Act One, Caliban tries to explicate to Prospero how he showed him all the good on the island and all Caliban gets in return is imprisonment. However, Prospero accuses him of seeking to ravish Miranda and that is why he is enslaved. In the subject freedom versus control, Caliban is an interesting character to analyze because he see s freedom in a different manner. In Act two, scene two he insists that he must go Stephanoe s retainer because that will let go of him from Prosepero s demands.

His thought of accomplishing freedom is to exchange Masterss. Another character Prospero has control over is Ferdinand. To prove the love between Miranda and Ferdinand, Prospero topics Ferdinand to harsh intervention. One thing that separates Ferdinand from the remainder is he does non care about his deficiency or control or freedom, nil affairs to him except seeing Miranda. Equally long as he can see Miranda one time a twenty-four hours from Prison, nil else affairs. This is his signifier her freedom, being able to see his true love.

He is so blinded by love that at Prospero s orders, Ferdinand most carry logs all twenty-four hours and it doesn t even bother him. He is so in love with this beautiful miss, he does non even recognize he has lost control of himself. Prospero even has control over his ain girl. In Act four, Scene one, Prospero emphasizes his authorization over the two lovers by warning Ferdinand that if his to interrupt her virgin knot before matrimony, Miranda Wisconsinll no longer behis. Not merely does he hold control of her love life but over every facet of her mundane life.

When Mirada was left on the island, her whole life was left in her male parent s control. She needs him to last and take attention of her. Prospero loves his girl really much and feels being in control of her is in her best involvement. Miranda does non cognize any better, she fails to recognize that she has no control of her being. She was raised on the island since she was a little kid and thinks it s a typical manner of life. Gonzalo has his ain version of what freedom should be.

He states it in Act two, Scene one, that he believes that work forces and adult females should populate together in harmoniousness and be free from authorities and control. He dreams of a Utopian democracy in which everyone would hold there ain type of freedom. It is an interesting facet of the drama to hold Gonzalo s view on freedom in researching the subject of freedom versus control. He thinks that there should be no control in our society, but Antonio and Sebastian mock him for believing this.

Antonio is a character in The Tempest who has acquired control by taking over Prospero s throne. He proposes a homicidal secret plan to kill Sebastian: he will kill Alonso so that Sebastian can go male monarch, and Sebastian must besides kill Gonzalo. A really large muss as we can see, it can all acquire really confounding at times. By utilizing powers of persuasions, Antonio is a character that has gained control. He is a character who has no scruples and as long as he has his ain freedom, he cares non about anyone else.

However, although he is likely incognizant, Antonio easy loses his freedom and his deficiency of control as he and Sebastian, are driven to madness. Prospero is the lone character in the drama who manages to keep control and make a deficiency of freedom for others till the terminal of the drama. Prospero is by and large and good adult male and uses his control over others in a positive manner. Ariel persuades him to hold commiseration on the courtiers. Prospero agrees to give up his charming powers which is a large menace to his control over others.

This proves that Prospero is basically a good adult male. The Theme of Freedom versus control in The Tempest is really of import. There is a changeless interaction between both freedom and control throughout the drama. All the characters have some kind of freedom, and yet some type of control over them. Through the geographic expedition of the characters in the drama, it can be determined that Prospero is the chief provoker of both freedom and control. Prospero himself, nevertheless is non free until the terminal of the drama.

Prospero has been restricted from entire freedom since he was put on that island. The Tempest is a fantastic drama where we can watch characters strive for freedom and control over at that place ain lives. It s something will all strive for in life.

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