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Brand New Ancients by Kate Tempest 

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  • Pages 7
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    Brand new ancient is a poetic epic that is modern, it is perfumed and written by Kate Tempest, which focusses on the lives of some young individuals in their early stage of growth. The book is a must read as it has used different literary poetic techniques and different themes with the critic to develop the central theme of gender in the poem. Gender analysis is the outside framework used to analyze the text on how some characters are oppressed in the within their individual groups under some gender roles that are defined. The poem from brand new is constrained along with the gender role confinement by the characters used. The author has used different literary texts to bring home the theme of the characters used, the figurative language, the imagery, and plot. The author says that there has always been villains and heroes. In many developing countries and nations, gender has been a subject debatable which is brought about by Kate Tempest in the poem of brand new.

    Queer and the feminist are the terms which are mostly used to show the differences of gender in the community setup. From the mothers obtain food from the mothers who feed on the flesh that is raw when the children are struck by the madness which has taken the whole country, they provoke is a savage. The author has used the figurative language to represent the gender and how they are looked at in the society. The mother eats raw flesh which comes from their children, the figurative language helps to determine the theme of the poems as it shows how the female gender could behave or look like while performing some roles that they are given in the society (Schiebinger et al., 2840). The mothers are seen to be nursing and should be the one to pass through all the challenges while the male gender is out there waiting for the fruits to ripen. In the today’s society, the female gender has been disadvantaged according to the gender analysis. The frameworks which focus around the female gender has encountered a lot of issues like the involvement of the economic issues and home development. The gender analysis of the feminist supports the quote from the poem which is written by Kate Tempest to show what the opposite gender are facing while being constrained in the feminist traditional rules (Potter et al.,100).

    We kneel down to the man and beg for pardoning is a quote from the poem of kilter tempest which shows the essence of inferiority but they are doing this to the man. The imagery has been used to show how women beg for their rights to the men. They kneel down as if they are doing to their God who is the protector but they find themselves asking for pardon as a way it provokes savagery. The gender analysis has regarded women in the society to be taken as weak objects and should be used by the opposite gender as per the third worlds countries analysis of the matter. From the quote by Kate, the imagery is used to bring the imagination of how women kneel down to beg from the men and request to be pardoned as they eat the raw food from their children while the men are in their comfort zones. We realize that Tommy and Clive are half-brothers because they come from the same neighborhood and they have the same mother but different fathers until they learn to come together. It is a collective responsibility to take care of the kids though this has remained to be the issues as from the look of the things it seems the opposite gender just give children they don’t nurture them (Schiebinger et al., 2840).

    The literary text has been used in the poem of Kate Tempest to bring the theme of the poem and centralize the poem. For example, the poem says that the parable of the prodigal father who returned after some duration when there are more dragons which re left for sowing and the killing of the monsters. The parable is a literary language used by the narrator to show the kind of men they behave at the time (Potter et al., 100). Men are regarded as the gender which is based on the brevity and the ones who should not despise them. For example, using the gender framework it was initially thought that the men were used to collect the woods and provide fire. The framework shows the poem to contain some discriminative measures to the feminist promoting an imbalance between people in the society.

    Women are taken as people who should take care of the home by taking care of their children who are around, for example, the mother is pardoning and kneeling down. The figurative language used shows the imbalance between the different genders in the family. The central theme is drawn from the literary language as they help to explain the gender analysis framework which is bound on the female characters in the society. The queer theories that have evolved have affected the gender equality in the society denying the feminist the authority to access some of the benefits. The narrator says there always has been heartbreak greed and some pains associated with the families. The literacy language helps to centralize on the theme of gender in the society and how it affects people at large (Potter et al., 100).

    The framework used to the characters used like the Tommy and Clive who are the half-brothers as an evidence of the women who are oppressed under the gender discrimination from the poem. The author says that the Tommy and Clive are half-brothers whereby the families who are ordinary. Jane and Brian are the fast families which gave up to Tommy as the son of the family. And from the poem the gender framework it supports the poem how the women are oppressed since towards the end of the poem the author says that Tommy went ahead to protect his girlfriend from being oppressed. The poem has used different literacy language to come to the central theme of the poem. The author has used metaphors to explain how lonely the women are in the poem (Potter et al., 100). For example, the narrator talks about the man being like the prodigal father when there is no war. The man is linked to the bible like the prodigal son who went missing for some time and then came back. From the poem then when the war is over and there is no battle to fight then the men who come back from the fight are regarded as the prodigal fathers.

    Queer and feminist are common terms are terms that are commonly used to refer to gender differences. For instance, individuals would relate “queer” to homosexual. In the current situation, people use the term to refer to the individuals whose body connotations does not comply with the societal expectations and thus it can be concluded that queer explores the difference the gender identity with reference to the feminism. The section of the paper looks at how feminism, gender, and queer theories have contributed to the oppression of the specific individual groups.

    The relationship between feminism and queer challenges the gender superiority by analyzing the relationship existing between sexual orientation, anatomical sex, and gender identity. While feminism is linked to the gender concept with reference to the female sex, most feminist theories urged that a greater inequality exists between men and women. This is demonstrated by the fact that women are considered to be a lesser or a weaker species as compared to men hence their oppression. The fine man further reiterated that the reason for such discrimination is not stated by these theorists but the intensity is so great that women would even be laid out of their workplaces due to the belief that they are a weaker species (Schiebinger et al., 2840).

    This the paper looks at how feminism, gender, and queer theories have contributed to the oppression of the specific individual groups. While feminism is linked to the concept of gender with reference to the female sex, most feminist theories urged that a greater inequality exists between men and women (Potter et al., 100). The benefit of the production process goes to the ruling class who then pays the workers based on the proceeds. Since in a small economy labor is, in conclusion, the paper has looked at how the female gender has been affected due to the oppression that comes along with the conditions they are subjected to. The literacy language has been used to come up with the theme of gender in the poem starting from the characters to the plot of the analysis. The analysis shows that men are regarded as the prodigal father due to the time they take while in the battle as women remain to nurse and even eating raw food from their children

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