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Thales Of Miletus A Brief Story

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Thales Of Miletus: A Brief History Essay, Research Paper

The first thing I would wish to state before I start this paper on Thales is that when covering with ancient Grecian mathemetitions, any “ facts ” you may bring out are truly merely educated conjectures. The ground for this is, because all records back so were kept on cuneiform tablets. These tablets merely did non keep up good over clip, and were destroyed before anyone could truly do a lasting, lasting record of his life and surveies.

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Thales Of Miletus A Brief Story
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( 2 ) With this being said, allow me portion with you some of my findings on the Grecian mathematition known as Thales of Miletus. ( 2 )

Thales of Miletus was a 7th century B.c. materialist philosopher every bit good as a great mathematicion. ( 1 ) His day of the month of birth and day of the month of decease are guessed at between 540B.C. to around 620B.C. ( 2 ) This conjecture at his life clip was based off of the 585B.

C. occultation. ( 2 ) This occultation was used, because he was said to hold predicted its reaching. ( 2 ) He was half Phoenician, and besides considered the establishing male parent of Grecian mathematics by most Grecian traditions. ( 4 ) He was non merely the first individual to have recognition for his mathematical finds, but was besides considered the first of Greece ’ s seven wise work forces. ( 2 ) The seven Wise Men were a group of Grecian Philosoophers and mathematicians who were considered the best in their field of survey. ( 2 ) ONe common false belief is that he taught Pythegoras. ( 2 ) This was merely non the instance, because Pythegoras was born at least 50 old ages after Thales. ( 2 ) He was besides the main representative of the Ionian school of mathematics. ( 2 ) In his trim clip he was rumored to hold held one of many different types of occupations. Some of the occupations he might hold held are: Making a luck off of olive imperativenesss, being a salt merchandiser, a lotus-eater, a guardian of celibacy, or a presbyopic solon. ( 2 )

Now that I have introduced him as a individual, lets dive into more of his mathematics history and finds. He was truly the first individual to believe of mathematics in footings of ideal impressions clarified by the application of human ground, and isolate basic facts about mathematical impressions and effort to come up with less axiomatic theorems by utilizing logic entirely. ( 3 ) He was besides credited with bringint rational organisation and logical construction to geometry. ( 2 ) He was besides much more focussed on practical utilizations for mathematical inquirey. ( 4 ) A premier illustration of this would be when he masured the pyramid

s of Egypt by detecting the lengths of their shadows when they were equal to the shadow of a perpendicular stick. ( 2 ) His most good known work would be the Theorom of Thales. In this theorem he stated that an angle inscribed into a hemicycle is a right angle. The lone thing incorrect with this theorem was the name. This peculiar theorem was really used around a millenium before by the Babylonians. ( 2 ) The rubric of the Theorem of Thales stuck though, because no 1 could truly turn out otherwise. ( 2 ) There merely was non a truly good manner to maintain records back so. He did truly do a name for himself though by showing “his” theorem of Thales. His presentations made him recognized as the first true mathematician. ( 2 ) Soon after these presentations, he received recognition for four more theories. These theories were: a circle is bisected by a diameter, the base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal, the braces of perpendicular angles formed by two intersecting lines are equal, and eventually if two trigons are such that two angles and a side of one are equal severally to two angles and a side of the other, so the trigons are congruous.

In decision, I would wish to repeat a few cardinal facts about Thales of Miletus, foremost, he was a really good educated, and dedicated adult male. Second, he was really influential in the development of mathematics particularly geometry. Third, he was a really various adult male given all the different things he would make for a life. Finally, even though there is a serious deficiency of solid cogent evidence of his accommplishments, I still experience he deserves the recognition he gets and more. It truly is a shame that I needed to make this paper merely to cognize who he was. A adult male of this importance should hold his narrative told in high school, along with the existent jobs in mathematics. It would definately give mathematics more personality, and do it a batch more interesting, if we knew more about it ’ s history. Not merely Thales, but everyone of import to the development and history of mathematics.

1. Aleksandrov, A.D. , Komogorov, M.A, and Lavrent ’ ev, M.A. — Mathematicss it ’ s content methods and intending. Volume One. Dorset Press New York ; 1990.

2. Boyer, Carl B, A history of mathematics. John wiley and boies ; 1989

3. Paulos, alan B. , Beyond Numeracy ; Ruminations of a Numberss adult male. Alfred A Knopf New York ; 1991

4. Hogben, Lancelot, Mathematics in the Making, Rathbone books limited, London: 1990

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