The acquaintances and another category of friends

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Initially, the people we encounter and interact with at school are mere acquaintances. Although we may have been acquainted with them for an extended period of ten years, our conversations are limited to their name and the courses they are taking. While these school acquaintances are pleasant to converse with, there is no inclination to establish a deeper connection. Should we encounter them outside of school, we pretend as if we are unfamiliar with their presence; at best, we exchange smiles. Consequently, severing ties with them poses no difficulty.

Typically, you don’t feel the absence of friends. However, it is this very same group of friends who often cause the most annoyance. In settings like school or work where being friendly is necessary, it’s not usual to address an acquaintance’s bothersome habits such as finger tapping on a table or loud gum chewing. The second group comprises friends from both the past and future who evoke memories that might have been deemed forgotten.

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When we spend time with these friends, our main goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We engage in conversations about school, work, weekends, gossip, and various aspects of our lives. However, discussions about personal lives and emotions are rare among us. “Casual friends” tend to steer clear of deep or intense topics such as dreams and anxieties. The focus is usually on keeping the conversation light-hearted and joyful. Overall, we have a fantastic time together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

They are willing to assist us with our general concerns, but beyond that, they are likely to step back. Ultimately, our closest companions tirelessly support us throughout all aspects of life, even during our most profound challenges. These friends are consistently prepared to dedicate their time, share in our happiness and sorrow – whether it be their own or ours – and even sacrifice their lives for us. They have witnessed our moments of sadness, caused us embarrassment, displayed cruelty towards us, and inflicted pain upon us. Yet, despite these experiences, they are the sole individuals whom we can trust wholeheartedly and confide our deepest secrets in.

It is like having a single soul residing in two bodies. They possess thorough knowledge of you. They are capable of completing your sentences before you even finish expressing them. They are the individuals with whom you can embrace your nerdiness, knowing that they will be equally as nerdy, like two peas in a pod. I used to have a best friend who shared a silly saying about best friends that holds true in various ways. She always told me that a genuine and loyal best friend is present inside the cop car with you, even when you are the one at fault, not them.

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