Having Money Is More Important Than Having Friends

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The writer argues that having friends is more important than having money. Real friends are valuable and provide sentimental and special experiences that money cannot buy. Money can buy fake friends, but they will not be truthful or reliable. Friendship is a sacred bond that is warm, tender, and full of adventure. Good friends can help solve problems and provide comfort in difficult times. The writer acknowledges that money can bring people together for necessary materialistic things, as seen in Of Mice and Men, but emphasizes that friendship is much more important. In conclusion, friendship is a valuable and meaningful relationship that cannot be bought with money.

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Having money is not more important than having friends. What friends can give you is much more sentimental and special. Money can buy you all the necessity in the world; it can even buy you fake friends, but they will be fake to you. They will tell you everything you want to hear never telling you the truth, except behind your back. Although real friends can do that it’s better than fake friends doing it. Friendship is a sacred bond between people and its magic also. My original stance on the statement is disagreed. I choose this position because having friends is much more important than money.

Money would not be there you when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. And your crying your eyes out and need comfort. The only comfort money can give you is to be a tissue so you can blow your nose into it. Money wouldn’t laugh at your jokes or would do crazy things with you like friends would. Sometimes money makes people feel lonely and bitter. Why, when they have the money they could ever need. It’s because they don’t have good companions to enjoy it with. My original position still remains the same. Friendship is really valuable than money. If you have good friends around you some of your problems will disappear.

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Friendship is soft, warm, tender and full of an adventure that’s why it can’t be brought. Friendship should be guided and have a special meaning because it’s easy to lose friends than gain new ones. Unlike money you can lose some and gain much more than you lost. Although I disagreed, money can bring people together. The devastations Hurricane Sandy brought onto New York. The damages were massive that money is need to fix up the places, buy food, and give some medical care. Money can also bring people together for necessary materialistic things like in Of Mice and Men.

In chapter 3, Of Mice and Men George and Lennie talk about their dreams of owning a farm when they were interrupted by Candy voice. Candy asked if George knew of a place like that. George answers him and has doubts when Candy wants to join in. Candy asks George how much the place is for, George answers six-hundred. Candy starts to talk about how much money he got, George and asked the guys how much they got. I believe Candy said the magic words “I’d make a will an’ leave my share to you guys in case I kick off, ’cause I ain’t got no relatives nor nothing. You guys got any money?

Maybe we could do her right now? ” This is when George change changed his mind and let Candy in the entire dream he and Lennie has. So yes money did bring George, Lennie, and Candy together. George and Lennie needed money and Candy was there to provide it for them. They soon became good friends. To summarize, good friends are hard to come by especially one that offers to pay half the coast of a farm you all dream of having one day. Although money can bring you together with friends, it doesn’t mean money is all important, the friendship that you share with one another have is much more important.

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