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Books Are Best Friends

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Introduction: Book is our existent and best friend. It gives us cognition and pleasance. It is the chief component of instruction. Our secular friend may give us but book ne’er gives us. Kinds: There are different sorts and different sizes of books in the universe. They are the books of narrative. books of play. books of verse form. books of novel. books of manner and design. books of faith. books of cookery. books of amusement. books of accounting. books of doctrine.

books of scientific discipline and engineering. books of computing machine and books of Bengali and English literature etc.

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Books Are Best Friends
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Some books are published in publishing paper and some books are published in cyberspace. Books that can be read in cyberspace is called e-book. Today it is really popular. Thousands of people get cognition of different subdivisions from e-book. Importance: The importance of book mendicants description. Book is our great advisor. Because. when we face any problem. book bases by us to assist us.

A individual ne’er feels entirely in the company of books. It spreads us cognition. It develops our head and awakens our scruples. We become nomad without the touch of book.

It is a shop house of cognition. It is really a fantastic gift to human. In a word. it helps us in many ways. It guides us when we become baffled. It helps us in determination devising. When we remain lonely. it educates. entertains and serves us like a great comrade. When we are in sorrow. book consoles us. It helps us in the spread of our progressive positions. It broadens our mentality and widens our involvement. It enriches the human ideas. We can cognize about the life and activity of the celebrated individual through books.

We become divine to be celebrated in life reading books. Book helps us to take illiteracy and poorness. It removes the darkness of ignorance. It removes or agonies. A good book sharpens our mind. It bring visible radiation among the people and do them fond of cognition. We can cognize the unknown through reading books. We can cognize about the distant topographic point of the universe through books. We can cognize the life style and civilization of different states of the universe through reading books. Inspiration:

Book is non merely a great beginning of cognition and amusement but besides it inspires us to make good for the improvement of the society every bit good as for the state. We intend to make better something reading the lifes of great work forces of the universe. It is one of the great beginnings of cognizing the baronial workss of the great people of the universe. Decision: In the terminal. it can be said that we become nomad if we do non read book. It is our best friend and instructor. It gives us complete life. It gives us comfort in life. It removes our solitariness. We should ever read book.

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