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The different types of fraud that were committed by Enron Sample

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Enron committed all types of fraud. from mail fraud and stockholder fraud to security. wire fraud and money laundering. While analysing these frauds it will be seen who committed the fraud. why did they perpetrate it. how did they perpetrate it. the punishment and penalty given to those who were apart of it. the cardinal participants. the punishment and penalty given to those who are guiltless bystanders. the punishment given to Enron as a whole. how these types of frauds can be prevented in the hereafter and how Enron could of prevented these frauds from happening.

and how to convey back the trust that was lost due to fraud in the markets.

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The different types of fraud that were committed by Enron Sample
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When it comes to wire fraud. there are a twosome of chief participants from Enron. The cardinal participants from Enron who committed wire fraud are Timothy Belden. Andrew Fastow. Jeffrey Richter. Michael Kopper. Jeffrey Skilling. and most of all Enron trader’s in general. By cognizing that wire fraud is “anyone who uses interstate wire communicating installations in transporting out a strategy to victimize.

” ( Lectric Law Library ) . and that stockholder fraud is” when the employees of a corporation intentionally lead on the company’s stockholders by beliing information “ ( Shareholder fraud info centre ) and security fraud “is when on party intentionally misinforms another party during the trading of stocks. bonds. an other securities. “ ( Securities fraud info centre ) . it is able to be shown how Timothy Belden. Andrew Fastow. Jeffrey Richter. Michael Kopper. and Jeffrey Skilling committed these types of fraud in some of the undermentioned ways.

Timothy Belden. the caput of Enron’s energy-trading operation. committed wire fraud by playing his portion in the use of California’s energy market that would do the thrust up of power monetary values. A manner the he contributed to this fraud was by purchasing California’s power at cheap. capped monetary values. They would so route them outside of California and so sell it back into California at a really extremely hyperbolic monetary value. These types of trades that were committed by Timothy Belden were called “Ricochet” trades because as stated above they would bounce California’s energy and every clip it would come back it would be more expensive. That is how Belden would derive net income for Enron. By perpetrating this fraud Belden was able to derive Enron’s net income that were worth a little sum of 1000000s in one twelvemonth to multiplying it to 100s of 1000000s in with two old ages.

The lone manner the carom trade broke up is when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission implemented regional monetary value caps. Now when it comes to Andrew Fastow. Enron’s former main fiscal officer. Michael Kopper. and Enron Executive. and Jeffrey Skilling. they were convicted or are charged with wire fraud. and money laundering. by doing partnerships that were ne’er recorded in the books right. by making this the wire fraud he committed was used to conceal about one million dollars in debt from stockholders and federal regulators. this is were the stockholder fraud comes in and was committed. Michael Kopper and Andrew Fastow committed this fraud by working together. There were many partnerships committed by these people like the RADR but the undermentioned paragraphs will merely explicate how two of the many partnerships. that were used to perpetrate fraud. were sought out. Here are two illustration partnerships. which show how Fastow. Kopper. and Skilling worked together to perpetrate this fraud.

One of the first partnerships that they made was called LJM. LJM was a undertaking that was started to repair a so called job Enron had of non being able to sell. or put in paper an Internet start-up company that would do Enron look good. Because of non being able to make so Enron started a hazardous partnership with a company in the islands called LJM. Enron funded LJM with its ain stock in order to forge the books.

The 2nd partnership was called Chewco. The chief narrative with Chewco was that Fastow wanted to run Chewco but he couldn’t because of a struggle of involvement. So what Fastow did was put Kopper in control of Chewco. Here is where the fraud comes in. in order to cover up the connexion between Chewco and Enron. the investings done by Kopper to Chewco was done under a partner’s name. When Enron decided to purchase Chewco. Fastow made Kopper thrust up the monetary value of it in order make net incomes for himself and Kopper. and any other money Kopper received from the merchandising of Chewco to Enron he shared with Fastow. this is how they committed their money laundering and wire fraud.

The following key participant who committed fraud was Jeffrey Richter. the former caput of Enron’s Short-term California energy trading desk. He besides committed wire fraud. Richter committed wire fraud specifically in one manner. He was the 1 in charge of oversing the section of Enron that was responsible for the trading of California’s short-run power market before the company filed for bankruptcy.

There are two strategies that were committed by Enron bargainers. The two strategies that were committed by Enron were called “Load Shift” and “Get shorty” . In “Load Shift” Enron bargainers filed a false power-delivery agendas aimed at hiking monetary values by making the visual aspect of “congestion” on California’s high-voltage transmittal lines. Enron would gain from the agendas by offering to drop or revise bringings. By making this Enron was entitled for compensation from the province when the grid operators thought congestion threatened to overpower the transmittal system. When it comes to “Get Shorty “ . “Get Shorty” was a strategy that Enron bargainers would do and sell backup power to California. they would so have payment and so canceled the agendas and covered their committednesss by purchasing power at a lower monetary value in a close by market.

A really large inquiry that needs to be answered when analysing fraud is why are frauds committed? Why did Timothy Belden commit wire fraud? Belden’s alibi for perpetrating wire fraud is “I did it because I was seeking to maximise net income for Enron. ” ( NYSSPCA ) . He said he was following Enron’s instructions. In the approaching paragraphs. after the completion of why fraud is committed. it will be stated. how to forestall this fraud from happening because of the saying”I was following the companies orders” .

Fastow. Kopper. and Skilling commited these wire frauds and partnerships for three chief grounds. The first 1 was in order to cover up debt that Enron genuinely had accumulated. which was done with the LJM partnership. This was done to seek to salvage Enron’s visual aspect. The 2nd ground why they committed the fraud was to conceal a struggle of involvement. and to derive money for themselves. non even to derive net income for Enron. which was done by the Chewco partnership. This ground merely stated is chiefly called greed. But the chief ground why Fastow committed these frauds was in order to pull strings Enron’s balance sheet. and come up with bogus net incomes. to do Enron look good.

When it comes to Enron’s bargainers. Enron bargainers would of committed these frauds. and strategies like “Get Shorty” and “Load Shift” in order to gain the company. They say it was merely for that. but every one knows that if the company net incomes stockholders and Enron bargainers themselves would gain excessively. Fraud is committed most of the times non merely because of how a company is managed. or in order to increase or a save a company. but it is besides committed because of field old greed that people carry with them.

Remember with fraud comes punishments finally. For all of the cardinal participants of Enron. which were talked about supra. each of them paid a punishment and was punished. Here are a few punishments and penalty that are brought on by fraud. First of all. they all face old ages in prison. mulcts. and the paying 1000000s in damagess. and that is merely because they all had decided to assist out in the probe. If non there penalty could hold been worse. These are the punishments brought to the people who commit fraud. Fraud does non merely impact the people who commit it but it besides affects guiltless hardworking people. Because of the people who committed the Enron fraud many guiltless working people lost everything. from their occupations. since Enron went bankrupt. their retirement program ( 401k ) . and the loss of 1000s of dollars for those people who candidly had invested their money in Enron. Fraud affects many people non merely the 1s involved. Fraud even affects bargainers who are non bargainers or stockholders of Enron. because fraud even affects the markets. Because when fraud is committed markets all over the topographic point are affected because of the doomed of trust. Lets non bury that the whole unraveling procedure. in which the existent fraud starts to be investigated in can be to much for some people that they commit suicide like Clifford Baxter. the frailty president of Enron Corp.

The bar of fraud is a really large issue and companies and organisations need to take it really earnestly. There are large things and small things that can be done. from “Sarbanes-Oxley Act” to plainly the manner direction puts its precedence to it’s employees. to seek to forestall fraud from happening in a company. When it come to “Sarbanes-Oxely Act. which is an act that enables employees at all degrees inside a corporations to raise concerns about fraud. cognizing that they have legal redresss if they suffer revenge because of the concerns they have raised. ” ( The Motley Fool ) This act non merely helps the bar of fraud but it besides helps in the seeking to reconstruct the trust in the markets. The Sarbanes-Oxley act was done so that. if any employee knows of any fraud that is seeking to take topographic point or any fraud that is taking topographic point. they can cognize and set their head at easiness when describing it. They can be put at easiness because they will cognize that they will non. and can non acquire fired. or have any revenge towards them. because that will be illegal. This act was made for the protection of the employees and in order to promote whistle-blowing. “Whistle-blowing is an employee who publically reports illegal activities traveling on inside his or her company. ” ( Investors World ) This act was made because it has been seen that most people do non describe fraud because they are scared of acquiring fired.

Another manner of forestalling future Enron’s is to repair how corporations get managed. Business fraud is caused by how corporations are managed. The ground this is said is because fraud occurs chiefly because of inducements given to executives. Meaning for illustrations that executives get given inducements along the lines of. if a certain sum of net income is reached a fillip in some manner will be issued or some stocks will be able to be bought. Because of these inducements executives get the impulse to misreport public presentation in hopes of salvaging their companies. and the ability to do the company or organisation expression good with false evaluations in the books. A company can look on the fraud categorization system to happen ways to assist their companies give appropriate inducements. The fraud categorization system helps protect stockholders from fraud and lets the board of managers restructure houses so that executives have the right public presentation inducements. Some inducements given in companies are the undermentioned two types of wagess that can be offered ; the first 1 is wagess that benefit stockholders. and the 2nd wages are those that benefit choice groups involved within the company.

A 3rd thing that companies need to be cognizant of are what state of affairss are prone to holding a higher hazard of fraud. Here are some of those state of affairss. For one. the greater the focal point on insider benefits to higher-level direction. the higher the hazard of fraud. Another one is the greater the influences of senior direction relation to external managers. the higher the hazard of fraud. The 3rd is the greater the committedness to stock options and benefits that encourage a balance between the influence of direction and the board of managers. the lower the hazard of fraud. In order to repair these high hazard frauds a method that can be used is to hold hearers review company constructions and books. because these hearers are encouraged to confer with with. whatever company they are making concern with. and state them what they see as upcoming or future jobs. Outside hearers are able to see jobs coming because of the inducements constructions that are in topographic point in that company. If we can carry through these few things we will be able to acquire closer to being able to acquire abolish fraud.

When fraud is committed and it is caught and brought to the surface the probe brings about more issues. Like in Enron’s illustration at that place fraud brought about the probe of Andrew Anderson’s Accounting house. because they contributed to assisting Enron in the accounting books. by destructing some of Enron paper work which is illegal to make. It is best to seek to forestall fraud and gimmick fraud before it occurs. This is why the above methods should be used. because by being able to carry whistle blowers to blow the whistling on a company that can really good be trying to perpetrate or are perpetrating fraud when the whistle gets blown. If a whistle blower were to blow. it can really good assist halt fraud in another company. which in the long tally if they were caught early plenty. can salvage money for the guiltless people that get involved without even cognizing that they are involved in the fraud of the company.

If whistle-blowing occurs before the fraud really occurs and causes harm to the company the better. because that gives a better opportunity that people do non lose at that place occupations. or retirement programs etc…This is why it is good to hold the Sarbones-Oxley Act. because it will promote whistle-blowing. In Enron’s instance the whistle blower was Sharon Watkins. She was the 1 who raised the issue of the fraud being committed in Enron. Back in 2001 she raised a cautiousness flag about Enron. But for Enron’s instance it was good that the whistling was blown but it was still bad because it was blown to late which is why Enron still went into bankruptcy. and guiltless people still ended up losing their occupations and their retirement programs. So If all the above bar methods are taken. the better the opportunities are of no fraud happening. and the better the opportunities are of catching the fraud before without holding to much harm to repair. Not merely the above but by catching it early and seting into drama all the bars the markets will get down to derive its trust back. because they know that the likeliness of fraud occurring is acquiring smaller.

Enron committed many frauds that contributed to its prostration from minimum mail fraud to heavy-duty wire fraud. stockholder fraud. and security fraud. With Enron holding had committed these fraud it ruined many peoples lives. It is really of import to detect that while fraud can acquire you in front for a piece it will finally catch up with you. And it will non merely. hit the economic system difficult but it will impact yourself the company and the lives of guiltless persons. From an analytical position point. which is the position taken here. Enron committed many frauds. many people were involved. and the guilty parties involved where punished or are in the procedure of being punished. Analytically it was able to be seen what the different grounds why fraud is committed and what to make to forestall fraud in the hereafter. which in the long tally would assist guiltless people. and it will assist the markets with the issue of trust. The two chief grounds how to forestall fraud is with the authorities intervention. like with Sarbanes-Oxley Act. and merely obviously holding companies give good inducements in order to seek to avoid the feeling or the impulse to perpetrate fraud.


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