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The Different Types of Sports Coaches Essays

What is a Coach? - In sports, a coach is a person involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople. -A coach, particularly in a major operation, is traditionally supported by one or more assistant coaches. The staff may include coordinators, strength and fitness specialists, and trainers. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Coach_(sport) Sabock (1985) categorizes five types of sport coaches Where some might fit into more than one category in varying degrees.

The "idealist" is the coach who enjoys coaching and has a very deep conviction about the value of the athlete and fair competition. While the "rolling stones" are the ones who move from athlete to athlete or team to team without any apparent goal in sight. "Climbers" are coaches whose only goal is to reach the top in their coaching profession. They possess little no ethics and will do anything to win. " Ambitious" coaches are a combination of the abouve while the final category "hanger-on" are coaches who overstay their welcome.

They tend to remain in office, afraid they will miss out despite the fact that they are no longer enjoying it. While the styles of leadership may vary, research has shown that there is no good or bad style, just appropriate and inappropriate ones. (sabbock 1985) http://repository. wit. ie/969/1/A_Study_of_the_leadership_and_coaching_behaviours_of_High_Level_Hurling_Coaches. pdf Idealist Coach –Perfectionist, Visionary, enjoys coaching, has a very deep conviction or confidence on what he/she is doing.

Rolling Stone Coach – Restless person, unwilling to settle down on one place, likes to move more often, moving from athlete to athlete or team to team without any apparent goal in sight. Climber Coach – Seek to be on top or be on a high position, no moral principle, willing to do anything to win. Ambitious Coach – Combination of the coaches above, fully motivated by ambition, has a strong desire for success of achievement, showing a great effort on his or her job. Hanger-On Coach – Dependent Coach, Remains in the team for personal Gain, always tend to stay at the office, not enjoying on what he/she is doing.

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