The Effects of Cutting Down Trees - Wildlife Essay Example

Every year over 30 million trees are cut down - The Effects of Cutting Down Trees introduction. This had made a lot of hardship for the animals and wildlife in the area. Every time a tree is cut that is one more homeless animal who will end up traveling closer to the city. First, these animals will wonder around trying to find food, once they can not they will turn to any and every source. This is when domesticated animals start to become infected with outside diseases from being bit by wild animals.

This will spread locally and can end up with children sick due to being bit by an infected dog, and then you have one more problem to face. Second, most of today’s societies, wastes so much paper by using it carelessly and not recycling. Due to the increase in landfills being overfull, we are seeing more and more fire holes; as well these fire holes produce toxic fumes that are being breathed in by nearby neighbors. Third, the high demand for more paper has made most of the production so rapid, that we are destroying our forest quicker than we can make the product.


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Because the paper companies are so pushed on time to receive the product that they expect a certain number of trees or paper to be available for their customers. We use paper for everything from grocery bags, to billboards. Some rely more on paper and plastic cups for their business, than an entire school full of notebooks. In conclusion the effects of cutting down trees are a never ending struggle. Hopefully we will one day find another alternative material than wood.

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