Speech on Importance of Planting Trees

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The speaker begins by praising Allah and acknowledging trees as a gift from nature that is crucial to our existence. They discuss the importance of trees in producing oxygen, removing carbon dioxide, and providing fruits, vegetables, wood, and shade. Trees also prevent soil erosion and bring rain. The speaker encourages individuals and society to plant more trees, quoting Dr. Thomas Fuller’s saying He that plants trees loves others beside himself. The concluding message is not only to plant for ourselves but for future generations.

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Praise be to Almighty Allah, the most merciful and compassionate creator who created a tree from a tiny small seed and made it a blessing for mankind. May peace be upon Muhammad Sallah Alaihi Wassalam, the seal of prophets, who taught us how to cultivate and obtain our daily food from trees. My prayers are also for his companions. Respected judges, distinguished principals, teachers, parents, and my dear friends. Assalaam Alaikum. Trees are Nature’s wonders and a great gift to mankind as well as to all those who rely on them.

Trees play a vital role in our existence as they are crucial, precious, and indispensable. They are our closest companions, and life is impossible without them on Earth. Trees bring a harmonious melody to our ears and resemble graceful fairies in our sight. Today, I am here to emphasize the significance of tree planting. To comprehend the value of trees, let’s attempt to inhale some air. Envision a scenario where this is unattainable. What befalls us? Indeed, we endure suffocation when deprived of the air essential for respiration.

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Despite being able to survive without food for a few days and water for a few hours, we cannot last a single moment without oxygen. Oxygen is essential for both humans and animals, without which life would perish. Trees play a significant role in producing and distributing oxygen in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the excessive usage of machinery in factories and vehicles on the roads has contributed to air pollution, resulting in the presence of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons. Sequestering carbon dioxide is one of the vital functions that trees provide.

Trees, through photosynthesis, naturally eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen as a result. By doing so, trees actively mitigate the Greenhouse Effect and counteract Global Warming. Moreover, trees offer valuable resources such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, animal feed, wood, and paper. They also provide shade from the sun’s intense heat while aiding in rainfall and preventing soil erosion. Despite the countless benefits they provide, trees require no reciprocation.

Given the fact that trees play a crucial role in our survival, it is imperative that we prioritize the planting of more trees. This duty should be embraced by individuals and society as a whole. I implore all my friends to plant at least one tree for themselves. In conclusion, I would like to share this renowned quote by Dr. Thomas Fuller: “He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” It is evident that our efforts in planting should not only benefit us but also future generations. Thank you, wassalaam alaikum.

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