The Effects of OFW Parents to Child’s Academic Performance Essay

The family and home are the major factors in student’s learning and achievements.

The parents are the provider of the basic needs of the children such as physical, emotional, social and educational needs. It is likewise the basic unit of the educational system, for it is in the family where the child starts his or her training in becoming a worthy member of the family. The first social interaction of every individual is with the family, No matter what values, behavior and ways of life he may learn in the future, he or she always returns to his or her roots.It is in this phenomenon that an ideal family should exist.

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The Effects of OFW Parents to Child’s Academic Performance
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Parents strive to provide the best for their children. Some parents are privileged, some are not and some researches reveal that the economic status of a family has an effect on the school attitude of the children. Such situation is indicative of the number of OFW workers. As of September 2012, there are 2.

2 million OFW workers from the Philippines and 95% of them are OCWs situated from all over the globe working for their own families.This scenario is a representation of Philippine’s society and our school, Benedictine Institute of Learning is not an exemption. We also have parents who have children studying in our school who works abroad for a living. Several parents have sought for greener pastures, thus leaving their families especially the education of their growing children under the supervision of a “yaya” or the school.

Students with OFW parents are oftentimes devoid of attention and proper guidance that only parents of intact families can provide. These are inconsistencies in imposing discipline and lack of moral support from both parents which affect the child’s social and emotional adjustments. Having no proper discipline and guidance, these children may resort to anti-social behavior, thereby serving as threats to society. They may also be ntellectually affected by losing interest in school and this lack of motivation makes them perform less academically.

After all, the child is the reason for many parents’ effort and dream. It is in this context that motivated the researchers to investigate the academic performance of middle school pupils in this kind of situation. The researchers believe that an important aspect in the development of the child is a partnership of parents, teachers, the school itself and the other sectors surrounding the child’s life.

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