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The golden apple of discord

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    But destiny had nurtured this seed, and not even a single person, both gods and mortals alike, could prevent this impending doom that swept over Greece like a great fire. Let us travel back in time when the gods often left their home in Mat. Olympus to dabble about the lives of the mortals. Narrator: Zeus and his queen Hear have decided to have a wedding celebration for the hero Pileup and the sea-nymph Thesis, who will soon become the parents of the famous hero, Achilles. Before the celebration, Zeus sent Hermes to deliver invitations. He invited all of the gods but purposely excluded Iris, the goddess of strife and chaos.

    He “feared” that the presence of Iris would ruin the wedding feast. But the news about the party ad spread all over the world, and Iris eventually find out about this. Scene I. Iris residence. Iris is relaxing in a cot when her talkative servant who has tendencies for gossiping approach her. Iris’ minion (ME): A good day to you, my goddess Iris. Have the hottest news in Olympus that would surely catch your interest, my lady. Iris: What is it? Tell me minion, for I am very impatient to hear such news of yours. Make sure that it will catch up my interest, for I have no desire on matters that would not concern the goddess of strife and chaos.

    ME: Surely, it will catch your interest, my highness. Haven’t you heard? The gods & goddesses will be holding a banquet tomorrow for the wedding of the mortal Pileup, son of King Coaches of Ageing, and the nymph Thesis, Nerves daughter whom Hear had raised as her very own. All of the gods & goddesses were invited, and they busy themselves preparing for that party. Iris: (stands from her position): What! All of the gods? Did they intend to overlook me? For neither a word nor a rumor have spread here that they will be having a party! Are you sure about this minion? ME: Yes, my Lady.

    In fact I have seen the nymphs of Hear deliver the magnificent and godly wedding gown of the bride. And yes my Lady, all of the gods & goddesses is reported to make an appearance there in the party tomorrow. Even Hades of the underworld will be there together with her consort Persephone. Iris: This is so unfair! How dare are they to overlook me! This is injustice! This is discrimination! A hard slap to my very face! ME: P-Pease be calm, my Lady. Iris: No! How could I be calm? I, the goddess of Chaos would not condone this injustice! They would definitely taste my wrath! I’ll turn that party into chaos!

    I’ll have my revenge! ME: B-But my Lady! How would you avenge such unforgivable insult to you? Zeus is very powerful. And even if you freed the Titans in Tartar’s to fight alongside your cause, he has the Olympian gods & goddesses on his side! Iris: Stop speaking nonsense, minion! I, the Goddess of Chaos, will have my stealth ways to avenge this discrimination. In fact, this is the good opportunity to put my longed-devised plan of spurring chaos among the gods & goddesses into action. Will put the seeds of chaos among those present there, especially to the goddesses, for Zeus has difficulty on matters which involve women!

    ME: But, how will you actuality that, my Lady? Iris: What is the prevailing negative attitude of the goddesses? ME: (thinks) hem… Jealousy? Iris: Finally, you’re using your senses minion. Yes! Jealousy, envy-?these are the common weaknesses among goddesses. And l, the Goddess of Chaos, will make a good use of that weakness for my vengeance! ME: B-But my Lady, how will you carry out your goal in such a way that they would not notice your plan? Some goddesses, like Athena, are very clever, and some have the ability to foresee the future, like Themes, for instance.

    Certainly, they will find out your motives. Isn’t it a dangerous idea to risk into such plan? Iris: Huh! Those selfish goddesses and even the gods themselves would not find out my plan until have sown the seed of chaos among themselves. See for yourself tomorrow at the banquet, minion. Vengeance is mine, and will surely accomplish my scheme! (wickedly laughs) Haw! Narrator: Enraged for having not invited, Iris the goddess of strife and chaos proceeded with her plan on ruining the party. She went to the Garden of Hesperus, Here’s orchard, where a tree of immortality-giving golden apples grew.

    This tree was the gift of Gaga, the earth primordial goddess, to Hear when she accepted Zeus as her husband. Iris managed to pluck one fruit, and in it she inscribed “Thou the fairest of them all. ” Neither did the gods ores the incoming trouble until Iris appeared to them in the party. Scene II. At the Party. Most of the gods & goddesses are still arriving to the party. Zeus and Hear could be seen at the most prominent seats around the table, with the groom and his bride. The music of Polio’s lyre is in the background. Everyone is having a good time, some are chatting with fellow gods & goddesses.

    The party has not yet officially started, but Pileup has been already drunk by the wines of Dionysus. Pan, a satyr and the god of the shepherds, could be seen here having a conversation with Dionysus. Some nymphs pass by them. Pan: (whistles as the nymphs pass by) Wow, look at these beautiful ladies here! (The nymphs smiles coquettishly on Pan as they continue on their way. ) This party is surely a grandiose one! It is very rare that Zeus would set up a banquet for a weeding of a mortal and a nymph. Dionysus: Yeah, very rare indeed. This party is also the desire of the goddess Hear for her foster daughter.

    You now, she wants to boast this wedding to her fellow goddesses. Pan: Yeah, could see that. Every moment here in Olympus is like a competition and a test for vanity, and the Queen herself would not accept to be the least in terms of popularity. Dionysus: Watch out your tongue friend, or else you will be kicked out of this party, just like she kicked her son Hyphenates out of Olympus! (Laughs) Pan: (joins the laughter, then drinks his wine) I guess all are here, aren’t they? Dionysus: Yeah. Everyone was invited, except for one. Pan: Let me guess, Iris isn’t it? Dionysus: (laughs) As always.

    That one is grounded for occasions like this. I think war is the only event that would certainly welcome her very presence. Pan: Yeah, she better not come or else this party would be ruined. Can’t imagine myself having a dance with her in any party. (laughs) Dionysus: laughing) Neither do l. Pan: Oh, I better get outside for some nymph-hunting business pal. I’m pretty sure there are some who leisurely stroll in the garden, for the party has not yet officially started. Won’t get back to my place without winning one for tonight. Dionysus: (Laughs) As usual of you, mate. Go, find some fair lady for yourself.

    Pan exits, after awhile, Zeus stands up for the official introduction Zeus: Good evening everyone! Is my pleasure to welcome you all to this one-of-a-kind event. This day marks the celebration for the union of the mortal Pileup, son of King Coaches of Ageing, and Thesis, my wife’s beloved depicted whom she raised as her own. L, together with my Queen, have done with our powers all that we could to ensure that this event would end up such-? Pan hurriedly comes back to the hall and interrupts Zeus. Pan: My Lord, my Lord! Zeus: (irritated) What is it with you Pan? Can’t you see I am having my speech here?

    Pan: Forgive me, my Lord. But Iris is here! Hearing this, everyone starts murmuring, but as Iris enters the hall, silence fills the whole room, and everybody’s attention is on her. Iris: well, well, well. Everyone’s having a great time huh? I am on my way to some business when I heard your merriment. So out of curiosity, I come over here. (Scans her surrounding) Hey! What’s wrong? Why is everybody quiet? Do look like a monster? Zeus: We do think that we have seen one in here as of now. Why are you here Iris? Have you come to spoil our precious evening here? Iris: Oh no.

    Don’t accuse me of such thing Father. I only come to bestow greetings and blessings to the happy couple. Pileup, being drunk, thinks that the Hydra has come to abduct his wife. Pileup: You will never get my wife Hydra! (draws his sword and rush towards Iris) Die monster! Iris steps aside so Pileup stumbles on the ground which makes him unconscious. Soon, his snores could be heard. Thesis: Pileup! (Rushes toward him) Iris: Charming mortal you give to one of your daughters, Hear. I’m sure any son Of theirs will be far greater than his father. Hear: (stands from her seat angrily) You will pay for this, Iris!

    Zeus: (holds back Hear) Hold on, my wife. This party is intended to be mirthful and jovial. Worry not, and leave this matter to my hands. (Hear looks into her husband, and then gets back to her seat. ) (orders some men) Carry Pileup to his chamber. Thesis accompanies Pileup to his room. (To Iris) Iris, we all know that the seeds you sow here will produce nothing UT trouble. Leave now, or suffer my wrath! Iris: Yes, yes, I will. But at the very least, let me give this gift of mine for everyone here. (Throws the golden apple on the floor) The one that should have that apple must be worthy of it!

    Iris leaves the room with a wicked smile on her face. The apple rolls into Polio’s feet. Then he picks it up and reads the inscription. Apollo: worth the fairest of them all”? It’s for the fairest! Artemisia: Give that thing to me, my brother. I should have that apple. Persephone: No, I am more vibrant and younger than you are goddess of hunt! You don’t deserve that golden apple! Artemisia: How dare you to say such words to me brat! (Attempts to slap Persephone, but Demeter shielded her daughter against the attempted attack of Artemisia) Demeter: Don’t you dare touch my girl, or will be your enemy!

    Seeing the ruckus, Hear stands and walks towards the direction of the apple Hear: What’s this commotion? You better not destroy this party. I don’t want this night of the nights to be spoiled by such object. There must be one that should claim possession to that apple. Of course, as the Lady of Olympus, I myself must have that. (Raises her eyebrow, and grab the apple to her hand) Any objections? The quarreling group will be silent as Hear starts on her way to her seat, when Aphrodite and Athena approaches her. Aphrodite: (clears her throat) Excuse me, you must be mistaken.

    Clearly, it is intended for me. After all, it goes with the title-?goddess of Love and Beauty. Athena: Please. Don’t be so over confident. Perfect skin and titles does not make a woman beautiful. It is her mind, her reason, and her strength that endear her to others. Aphrodite: (sarcastic) Right, because that’s what keeps men up all night, the thought of a woman teasing him with her brains. Hear: Ha! You two are too ambitious. Haven’t you heard of the Delphic motto “Know thyself’? You’re so arrogant. Know your place, underlings!

    It is very unscrupulous, ungodly, and disrespectful to deprive the Queen of the Gods privileges that is obviously intended for her. Aphrodite: Excuse me? With all the due respect, Queen of the Gods, you don’t have the most valid reason to hold possession of that apple. Like what I have said, that thing is suited to be under the care of the goddess of Love and Beauty. And why refer to that lowly motto of humans? We’re gods & goddesses here. Their mind is not the same with ours, just as their blood is different from our blood. Athena: (claps her hands in a sarcastic manner) Wow!

    What a word from Aphrodite, a goddess who once fell in love with Adonis, the same being as the humans whom she called lowly. (Pauses for a Very short while) Well, let me remind you that the words inscribed on that apple tell us that it is intended for the “fairest’. Surely, this doesn’t apply to you, my dear Queen; the birth of Apollo, Artemisia, Persephone, and many others I could not enumerate here could attest to that. And to you Aphrodite, let me also remind you that we’re talking here beauty in a grander scale, not just the superficial, outward beauty s you always boast, but also inner beauty as well.

    Beauty that is solely based on physical appearance is a weak, shallow, reason for one to believe that she is the most beautiful. Why, it is a delusion! All of the goddesses here are all beautiful, isn’t it? But for the sake of heavens, the one that must possess that apple must be worthy to be called the fairest in the strictest sense of the word! And not any one here is worthy for that though, but l. Therefore, the apple shall be mine. Aphrodite: (laughs sarcastically) think despite being the Goddess of Wisdom, sometimes your reason fails you, my sister. That why until now you have no husband of your own.

    Your beauty is not directly observed by other gods, and if not by frustration and desperation, don’t you think Hyphenates would chase after you? Athena: How dare you! Say that again and I’ll deliver your doom! Aphrodite: What will you do my tomboyish sister? Hear: Shut up you two! To end this argument, the apple must be mine! Aphrodite: (snatches the apple from the hands of Hear) No way! It doesn’t mean that you can have this apple easily just because you’re the queen of the gods! Not all the time you can have whatever you want! You must embrace hat fact and stop living in your delusion!

    Athena: (snatches the apple from the hands Of Aphrodite) There’s no way you two could have this! You’re claim to this apple becomes void because of your weak reasoning! Zeus could not hold himself seeing the goddesses fight for the golden apple. Zeus: (angrily) Enough! This event is supposed to be a happy celebration intended for Pileup and Thesis, and not for this selfish debate for vanity of yours! Anyone of you who will hamper the merriment will receive the fury of my thunderbolts! (sound of thunder in the background) The three stop their fight and stand there silent for a moment.

    But after a very short while, Hear speaks. Hear: Husband, this heated debate would not be resolved unless you intervene. I demand that you settle this at once. Which of us is the fairest? To whom does this apple rightfully belong? Zeus has regained his calmness and composure. He thinks for a while how he could evade this dilemma. Before Zeus could answer, he gobbles up his wine, and then answers the demand of Hear. Zeus: It is not for me to decide between my wife and daughters, for you are all more than worthy in my eyes. Besides, it is not mine to give.

    To end this argument, let man decide who among you should have that apple. Hear: Is there any man on earth who is worthy to judge us? And if there is, who would that be? Zeus: Yes, there is but one young man who speaks nothing but the truth that comes from his heart. That man is Paris, a shepherd in Mat. Ida, even though he is Of royal origin. Aphrodite: Then let us go to him to resolve this conflict. Zeus: Hermes, my son, you must go to Paris ahead of them and bring this apple. Tell him that I give him the honor to judge the three goddesses for this contest. Hermes: Yes, Father, as you wish.

    Narrator: And so it happened that the judgment of who should be hailed as he fairest among the goddesses passed down unto the shoulders of Paris. He was a Trojan of royal birth, but like Oedipus, he had been left on the mountain in his infancy, because the Oracle had foretold that he would bring the destruction of his country. But destiny saved and nurtured him to fulfill that prophecy. He grew up as a shepherd and tended to his flock on the mountains. And thus came the time when the judgment Of Paris will soon change the world. Scene Ill. At the Pasture, in Mat.

    Ida Paris is busy attending to his flock when Hermes suddenly appears in front of him. Hermes: A good day too you mortal. Paris: (draws back as he is surprised) Who are you? Hermes: am Hermes, the messenger god. I am here by Zeus’ will to inform you that he has given you the privilege to judge the three goddesses that will be here after awhile, and you will award this apple to the one whom you think is the most beautiful among them. But be careful; use but the judgment of a prince, Paris. Paris: W-Wait. But why choose me? Why can’t you gods decide the matter by yourselves?

    You’re the gods after all. Hermes: Listen boy, I have no time to explain all the details to you. Just do what have said if you don’t want to receive a thunderbolt in your lap. Saying this, Hermes leaves, and the three goddesses arrive. ) Paris: Wait! Hear appears before Paris. Hear: Good day to you mortal. I presume that Hermes had explained the purpose of this visitation to you. I am the goddess-queen Hear, and these two here who are so arrogant to think that they have the chance to compete against me are Athena and Aphrodite. Aphrodite: Ha! Arrogant? Just accept your impending defeat, Queen!

    It is very obvious from the beginning that the apple must be mine. Athena: Why won’t you just shut up your mouth and let this man speak? (To Paris) Paris, isn’t it? Paris: Y-yes, my goddess. Athena: Then now, choose who among us is the fairest. Don’t make this long and declare your decision once and for all. Paris: I-I can’t, my goddesses. W- why don’t you just share the apple among yourselves? Hear: Listen, boy. This apple must be at the hands of either one of us. Choose only one and make haste, if your life is precious to you. Paris examines the three. But he is as confused as to whom he will award the apple.

    Recognizing his agony, Hear presents her bribe to him Paris: Oh no! It is very difficult to choose among you, my goddesses! Hear: Choose me, mortal, and will grant you royal power. You will be king of a vast kingdom which you don’t ever imagine. I can give you all of Asia or all of the kingdoms of Greece if you like. You will rule all of these, and their kings will become your vassals. Your name shall become famous because of your political power! (Paris examines her carefully from head to toe. ) Athena: What’s the use of a kingdom and vast lands if you could not defend and rule it effectively?

    A man like you who have the least chance in combat don’t have what it takes to be a ruler. Choose me, and I will reward you with infinite wisdom. I will make you skilled in combat, and an able leader s well as a wealthy one. (Paris also examines her) Aphrodite: Kingdoms and wisdom I cannot give you Paris. Butt know the true desire of your heart. Award the apple to me, and will give to you the most beautiful woman on earth, Helen, the daughter of King Tankards and Queen Lead. (Paris is so overwhelmed by the beauty of the goddess that he can hardly take away his eyes from her. ) Paris: H-Helen?

    Aphrodite: Yes, Helen. Haven’t you heard her name? Her beauty could rival even the beauty of these losers here. (As Aphrodite utters this line, the two goddesses look scornfully on her) Paris: Y-yes 0-if course my goddess! Who have not heard that beautiful name? T-tales of her beauty were told as far as Ethiopia . And bards sing songs about her. For the very sound of her name is as sweet as the fragrance of the roses in the garden. Besides her, not even a single mortal woman on this earth is worthy even to touch the edge of the garment of the goddess of Love and Beauty herself!

    Hear: Don’t be fooled by such honeyed words boy, for the beauty of a mortal is just like a flower which will fade as time goes by. But power will be yours as long as you live! Athena: No, not at all times as long as greedy hearts who desire to overthrow o exist! Choose wisdom, for it will make you wise in every step that you’ll make, and such could be prevented from happening! But the words Of Hear and Athena fall into deaf ears. Soon, Paris plunges into the deepest of his thoughts, as if he is dreaming. Only when Athena started to talk that he remembers his task.

    Athena: (Clears her throat to Ft;fake up” Paris from his daydreaming, making him startled as he heard her) Now that you heard us, time to give your decision, young man. After a brief pause… Paris: W-w-with all the due respect my goddesses. A-award t-this a-apple t- to… Hear: Spit it out boy. Paris: I-I g-give this apple to the g-goddess… Aphrodite! Hear: What? Are you sure about this? Don’t you want power? Athena: Nor even wisdom, but the most beautiful woman? How lame! You’re such a foolish one! Paris: (Voice full of gladness) My ladies, the contest was over before it began.

    Who can compare to the charms of Love and Beauty herself? He kneels before Aphrodite and gives to her the apple. Hear: Time will come and you will definitely regret this, mortal! You won’t escape the wrath that you have brought upon yourself! Athena: was a bit amused by your folly, mortal. But definitely will I make you realized your tepidity on that day when I will show you what a bit of tactical skill could mean. And that would be on the battlefield! Aphrodite: (smiles) Oh please. It has been decided! Though hard as it be, let’s just acknowledge the fact that not all the time victory will be on your side.

    It may be difficult, especially to you Athena since you’re famous for all your winning exploits in battle and never once did you lose. But this is a different story! I hope you will respect the boys decision, my fellow goddesses. I bet it really hurts, but we must accept the truth. Hear and Athena leave Aphrodite and Paris behind with a titer look on their faces. Paris: When will get my Helen, my goddess? Aphrodite: Patience, young man. I will surely grant you the prize that you deserve in the right time. There are so many things that you should know, especially your true origin.

    But for now, shall be back to Mat. Olympus to rejoice over my victory! Fear not, for you will have my protection from those two. I will keep an eye on you. (then leaves Paris) Narrator: From that very hour Paris sought only the advice of Aphrodite, and only cared to find his fortunes. From her he learned that he was the son of King Prima of Troy, and eventually he won back the favor of the royal family who had castes the words of the Oracle to the winds, despite the warnings of the young Cassandra, daughter of the king-?that Paris would bring catastrophe on Troy.

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    What does the Golden Apple of Discord do?
    This Golden Apple of Discord was to be given “to the fairest” — and caused a dispute among the goddesses Hera, Athene and Aphrodite that would lead to the judgment of Paris and ultimately the Trojan war.
    What is the myth of the apple of discord?
    According to one version of the myth, Eris, the goddess of discordgoddess of discordDiscordianism is a religion or philosophy/paradigm centered on Eris, a.k.a. Discordia, the Goddess of chaos. Discordianism uses archetypes or ideals associated with her. › wiki › DiscordianismDiscordianism - Wikipedia, was furious at not having been invited to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, so she took one of the apples and threw it among the guests. The apple was inscribed with the words 'To the fairest' and caused mayhem among the crowd.
    What words were on the Golden Apple of Discord?
    Zeus picked up the apple and discovered inscribed in the fruit's shimmering skin three words: "For the Fairest." "And who is the fairest?" everyone asked, looking in turn at Hera, Zeus's wife, at powerful Athena, and at magnificent Aphrodite.
    Who got the Golden Apple of Discord?
    The Golden Apple of Discord was created by Eris, the Goddess of DiscordGoddess of DiscordDiscordianism is a religion or philosophy/paradigm centered on Eris, a.k.a. Discordia, the Goddess of chaos. Discordianism uses archetypes or ideals associated with her. › wiki › DiscordianismDiscordianism - Wikipedia. Zeus had thrown a wedding on Mount Olympus for Thetis the sea nymph and mortal Peleus. After Eris found out that she was not invited, she crashed the wedding and threw the apple inscribed with the word "kallisti" or "for the fairest".

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