The Grapes of Wrath: Good vs Evil

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The Grapes of Wrath is a novel about the Dust Bowl migration in the rough times of the Great Depression. It is the narrative of one Oklahoma farm household. the Joads. and it is besides the narrative of 1000s of similar work forces and adult females. The Joads are forced off their land. so they move West to California. When they reach California. they are faced with the harsh world that it is non the Promised Land that they hoped in a beginning.

Steinbeck’s intent in composing The Grapes of Wrath was to inform the populace the migrants’ hard state of affairs trusting that it would do societal alteration. Steinbeck employs the subject of the rich versus the hapless to carry through his intent. It is a authoritative struggle between good. portrayed by the hapless. and evil. portrayed by the rich. One of the sarcasms of Steinbeck’s novel. The Grapes of Wrath was that. as Ma Joad said. “If you’re in problem or injury or necessitate — travel to hapless people. They’re the lone 1s that’ll help — the lone 1s.

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” The sarcasm is that if you need something you have to travel to the people who have about nil. And the hapless people in this book are shown as the good people because of their generousness. their household brotherhood. their unimportance. and most significantly. their connexion with God. In the other manus. there are the evil people. known as the rich ; and the ground they are portrayed as the bad people is because of their selfishness. bad pique. their avaricious nature. and their desire to acquire rid of the migrators in California.

One. and I think the best illustration of the battle between good and immorality was that in the novel. every bit good as in the existent life back in the 30’s. the bankers took all they could from the husbandmans and so when they could give no more they were kicked out of their places. doing the Joad household move to California ; but someway. thanks to this evil act. the Joads could travel frontward with their lives. and this olympian book was born thanks to that and besides by the Great Depression.

Subsequently on in the narrative there are so many illustrations of generousness every bit good as evilness. One illustration of generousness is in at the truck station in chapter 15 when the eating house proprietor and waitress give the household staff of life at a discounted rate. and candy two for a penny when it is really nickel confect. The truck drivers so leave big tips to the waitress. Neither the truck driver nor the eating house proprietor and waitress are really rich but they are generous anyhow. In contrast to that. the novel besides shows an illustration of evilness. as

when the Californians tell the Joads “Okies” . which means trash. and they wanted to acquire rid of them because they feared that the migrators would steal their occupations. and the Californians started public violences and many other things in order to acquire them off their land. this seems truly bad. and evil. but I have to acknowledge that somehow that was the right thing to make. non the public violences. but the desire to acquire rid of them because non everyone had occupations in that clip period. and the 1s who do. contend in order to maintain it to gain money and raise their households.

However. there were besides marks of generousness in the narrative. as in chapter seventeen the individual at the auto shit gives Tom and Al things for manner discounted rates. Ma Joad is besides an illustration of this. The Joads are hapless and yet they give what small they have to the kids who need it. These Acts of the Apostless of generousness are contrasted to how the rich people are seeking to rend off the migrators. Another illustration of evilness is in chapter seven. that shows how the auto trader rip the people off by selling them pieces of debris for high monetary values.

Chapters 19. 21. and 25 are general chapters that show how the big land proprietors are rip offing the migrators and smaller land proprietors to do a larger net income. They show how the land proprietors hire guards and lowered the rewards to interrupt their spirit and maintain them from forming. These are merely facts that I remember from the narrative. but there are a batch more in it. which I am certain that are even better in the instance of good. and worse. speaking about immorality.

To reason. I would wish to state that this universe is full of generousness every bit good as evilness. it is something like even. but we. the good people can non make anything about it. good. we can promote the people to make good things. but we can non coerce them. and that is the job that affects the universe we live in now. and the universe in the clip when the book The Grapes Of Wrath was written. but at the terminal of every narrative. the good beats the immorality. and the Joads lived merrily of all time after. although they were still fighting with their economic issue. some life jobs. they dealt with decease of Grandpa and Grandma. but somehow they managed to populate a harmonious life.

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