The Importance of being on Time in the Fire Service Essay

The Importance of being on Time in the Fire Service

            Being on time in the fire service has various importance. Primarily, in the fire service, being punctual and alert is a must. The emergency and the kind of incident to be rescued involve life and property. Apart from that, the fire is very fast to grow that needs to be minimized and killed as soon as possible. The damage that the fire may cause can even drastically grow when it is not prevented at the most earliest time.

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The Importance of being on Time in the Fire Service
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Hence, being on time is essential to save the loss of life and property and to minimize the damage that the fire may possibly cause.

            Secondarily, being on time in the fire service is required among the fire fighters because it is the most essential requirement and value demanded from them. Notably, punctuality of an individual defines his professionalism. In the fire fighting service, punctuality has been expressly written in the code of ethics.

This is not only to remind the fire fighters about the importance of punctuality but also determines their dedication in saving lives and properties.

            Subsequently, being on time in the fire service measures one’s commitment in the job. In the life of fire fighter, personal life is being left behind and saving lives and property always comes first. A good fire fighter also prioritizes his responsibility among anything. In addition, a good fire fighter is aware of his duty to be alert at all times.

            Furthermore, a good fire fighter should not burden to his or her team. But rather, should set as a good example to others. In being late, several things may be jeopardized which includes looking for a replacement, the worry as to the whereabouts of the late member and the time spent for waiting. More importantly, the government is spending enormous resources for providing the citizens with a quality service and a rescue during emergencies. Hence, these should not be jeopardized by just being late in the service of the people. In the fire service, punctuality is a standard.

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