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The importance of serving both the Church and the community is emphasized in this essay. The author states that serving the community is also serving the Church, as it aligns with Jesus’ teachings to treat others as we would like to be treated. The author encourages simple acts of service like mowing lawns and walking dogs, as they contribute to the community. The author also shares personal experiences of serving as a communion table waiter, singing in the Colts Chorus, and participating in various school clubs that support the Church and community. The author believes that this scholarship would be a reward for their dedication to serving the Church and community, as well as a financial aid for their high school tuition.

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Service to the Church is an of import facet of our Church life. We should all make this. as God calls us to make so. However. we shouldn’t limit ourselves to the Church. We should besides function the community. to be a good citizen of our state. Serving the community is besides functioning the Church because Jesus states we must handle others as we want to be treated. Serving the Church and community Teachs moral values that are of import to life. I feel that people who do non work within the community and the Church plenty do non see these moral values. Even making simple undertakings such as cut downing lawns or walking Canis familiariss are good community services. Traveling to mass on Sunday is take parting in your Church. Those are easy illustrations of service to the Church and community. yet we normally feel we do non hold an duty to them. For illustration. some kids may experience traveling to mass during the hebdomad means that you don’t have an duty to travel on Sundays. However. the Church asks that we attend service on every Sunday.

We aren’t perfect. and I have missed my portion of multitudes. but we must seek at every chance. We may besides believe it’s non our job or we are excessively busy when others in the community have jobs. The truth is we can ever put aside clip to assist others. Jesus asks us to handle our brothers and sisters as we want to be treated. I have served my Church community by take parting as an communion table waiter and vocalizing in the Colts Chorus. Both activities encourage me to actively take part in the mass. I besides serve my school by take parting in the Safety Committee. Environmental Club. and Beta Club. These groups help in school fundraisers. such as Jeans Days. The Squires and Junior High Youth Group assist both the Church and the community through activities such as The Particular Olympics. They besides support groups such as Pro-Life. These are groups that work for the Church and the community. and experience good about it subsequently.

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I have besides mowed lawns and babysat. assisting my vicinity. friends. and household. I feel I should have the Parochial Scholarship because of my classs in school and service to the Church and my community. St. Ann School and actively functioning my Church and my community has taught me many moral accomplishments I need for the hereafter. I try my best to make what is good for the community. the Church. and my instruction. I feel this scholarship would be a fiscal aid toward for my High School tuition. every bit good as an award for my dedication to Church and community. I thank my parents and instructors for my good instruction. and my household for their love and support. I would besides wish to thank the Knights of Columbus for the chance to assist my tuition with their Parochial Scholarship in such tough times. Should I have this award. I will set it to good usage.

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