The Importance of Education Essay

As everyone knows or at least should know you need an education to try to do virtually everything, the definition given in any dictionary would be “receiving or giving systematic instruction” However the word itself is tough to outline because it is much more than the definition due to the fact education is different for everyone; you and I could have completely different perspective on the topic because it has different meanings to both of us you could hate it I could love it - The Importance of Education Essay introduction. Asking any person why they got to school if they gave you a straight forward answer would say (A) “I have No Choice“ or (B) “So I can receive an honest education for myself and live the life I would like Say you asked them why if they answered (B) “So I will visit move on to attend a college/university and find an honest job for myself”, which is all fine and dandy but no one seems to be paying attention to the big picture “THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE” that getting a highschool education or college education can land you some employment.

Yes you need an education to do things in life but does that make you entitled to them, i highly doubt it; having the grades and everything is fine it shows that you are a well educated person this is very helpful in life, maybe allowing this said person to apply his/her Education to the chosen profession. Testing the true matter of Education rather than checking if this person had and A in history or Language arts this approach is not realistic it could happen but for what reason? Around the world many innumerable individuals have graduated from highschool or even a College university you look at these people and assume they are Educated, however are they really? I will assure you not( at least not all of them). Knowing when every war started, how the government works in detail,or Knowing how to operate on a human brain is certainly not education but your perception of what you have been told and just remembering it. Any person with a true education would gladly tell you that knowing something is only a part of knowing the whole thing every single bit of it. You must understand that a diploma in highschool or college does not imply that the individual has a complete and full understanding on what happens in the world of their proclaimed profession Example: a doctor is taught everything in a medical book and remember it but say a person comes into the doctor’s office with a tree limb or a pole ticking out of their chest neck or head more than likely the doctor may not know what he/she will do because to them it is a miracle the person is alive know one ever taught them what to do because the doctor assumes that a person could not live through such a thing, more than likely the physician will try something not completely sure of what they are doing and hope for the best (real world example). What the diploma or degree stands for is an understanding of what is taught to them in the institution. In today’s society being able to repeat what the brain is fed by in a learning institution is an education nonetheless, but when will this help the person if something the books did not teach happens. The good thing about this example is there will always be that one doctor that uses what he remembers and common sense to solve and extreme problem.

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In a science category like pure mathematics lets say you are unsure of an equation the first thing you may do is going to someone for help or just use a computer to check for any possible errors in your judgment. Maybe you have language arts class you must have good punctuation (Irony that my punctuation is far from good) and grammar to write a paper yet with some things you ignore a misspelled word or don’t check behind yourself on a math problem; you mess up but still move on with many problems still obviously noticed and you are given no feedback get sen on to the next level with a so called education a no child left behind sign in other words everyone moves on whether you know it or not , causing you to miss the point completely but for yourself to recognize that you have made an error and don’t fully comprehend on your mistake and apply it to the real world is a good example of “what education is”. Understanding the knowledge in what you profess or anything for that matter much more than just repeating what some teacher taught you in preparation for some huge test.

Another definition I stumbled upon of the word education was “process of bringing up a child or younger person” again this is basically saying to teach someone manners, habits, reading or anything else that they can be taught by a parent is also considered an education due to the fact common sense can get a person trying to major in art farther than teaching them how the body works or quantum physics considering they don’t need it if majoring in art it’s just not necessary. Education for everyone should begin at home not just the basics but a little more the least amount of information is important to begin this so called education then moving on from there. Knowledge is what you get from school not education inside knowledge is not education, when a person takes that knowledge and apply it to real world/life situations and everyday things can they be considered an educated person. That being said a diploma from college or highschool is like looking up facts on a computer because You’re not all of it just simply looking at it and repeating it in the form of an answer. Basically the facts are useful when you are in need of knowing something but worthless until the information you get out of knowledge is used in a relative situation. Now Sir or Ma’am don’t get me mistaken going to school and college is indubitably important but what you learn has to be used to call it and education.

So the definition of Education is:
Using knowledge learned
From one day to be used on another.

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