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While he is away, he asks Loretta to try to patch things up between Johnny and his brother, bakery operator, Irony Camaraderie. Having never forgiven Johnny for indirectly causing the accident that crippled him, that caused him to lose his girl to another man, Irony soars into a rage whenever his brother’s name is mentioned, or the thought of them reuniting. He does, however, fall for Loretta after her visit to the bakery with an invitation to their wedding and the cooking of a nice meal. They have a few drinks and discuss the dispute between Ronnie and Johnny.

After Ronnie mutinously blames Johnny for his break up and hand loss, things heat up as Ronnie sweeps Loretta out of her chair and into his bed as they make love. After a torrid affair, Loretta tries to avoid Irony out of respect to Johnny, but he’s just too fascinating to resist. Meanwhile, Loretta father is fooling around with his mistress, Mona, while Loretta mother is wooed by a college professor. These brief flings are forgiven and forgotten, but there’s still the delicate situation of Loretta being in love with her future brother-in-law.

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While Johnny unexpectedly returns back from Sicily, with news at Loretta souse she is not there. After talking to Rose, he ask her to tell Loretta he would return the next morning to talk to her. A knock on the door the next mornings Ronnie. He claimed he was going to tell about their affair. Finally, Johnny knocks and is let in to his surprise he sees his brother and asks is he there to make peace and he nods. He then tells Loretta that he needs to speak with her alone and she tells him to go ahead because she needs her family with her.

He proceeds to tell her that his mother made a miraculous recovery after he told her he was getting married, and that they cannot get aired because it would kill her. He asked for his ring back and she was a little upset but then realized that this was a good thing and threw his ring at him. Ronnie tells Johnny that his mom was always going to run his life and control him. He then turns to Loretta and ask her to marry him and she says yes. I am going to develop the dark side Of interpersonal communication and relationship concept with interpersonal relationship strategies to help improve family relationships.

First, let talk about family relationships and different family types. A family is Hough to be any number of people who live in relationship with one another over a period of time in a common living space, and who are usually united by marriage and kinship. In essence to the plot of my development we are going to have a nuclear family along with extended family. Nuclear or natural family consists of a mother, a father, and their biological children as to extended family includes additional relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents.

In this plot there is a mother, father, daughter, and grandfather all living under the same roof that adapt into the family immunization patterns model. This is model of family communication based on conversation and conformity, which is considered consensual families. When families have open communication among a family creates the most significant and positive communication dynamics that a family can adopt. The family communication patterns model provide an understanding of healthy family communication patterns.

In order to maintain healthy communication patterns you have to avoid the dark side of interpersonal communications and relationships especially in family relationships. The dark did of interpersonal relationships put deception, lies, jealously, and untrustworthy barriers in an effective and healthy relationship. The dark side of interpersonal communication and relationships concept applied to this story as to when Cosmos, Rose, and Loretta was with someone other than their significant other or soon to be significant other.

When the dark side concept is applied to family relationships, it creates deception, which leads to incorrect decision making or actions. It harms relationships by creating loss of trust which can harm innocent bystanders and create additional negative consequences of deception which include guilty conscience, embarrassment, punishment, and a damaged reputation. Cosmos damaged his relationship amongst his wife by having a mistress, which they have an open communication to where the issue can be addressed and brought to attention so it can be terminated.

This was shown when Rose told Cosmos she demanded him to stop cheating and he mutually agreed. It was also shown when Rose came out and told Loretta that her father was cheating. This was based on the cognitive part of jealousy, which causes suspicious thinking and worrying. Cosmos and Rose were committed traditional couple that practiced strategies to improve their family communication to where they listened to each other and took time to talk to each other. With all the chaos and issues going on throughout story, there was not a moment that any signs of stress were perceived.

They had significant adaptability under whatever situation was involved. All these concepts were applied effectively to the point that the main issues involved were forgiven and forgotten and probably never mentioned again. This was effective in responding with forgiveness. This was hon. in ways that after everyone was caught cheating, and openly discussed it amongst each other, they were still able to communicate and relate to each other in the same way they had before the issues were revealed.

The consequences of family relationships were very affective in that the short term consequences applied lies, deception by commission and omission and some hurt feelings for a bit, but the long term consequences of family relationships made them stronger, closer, and stuck together to pull through or resolve the dark side of their interpersonal communication and legislations. Interpersonal communication touches every aspect of our lives every second of everyday.

It helps us manage our relationships, so learning how to understand and improve interpersonal communication can improve our relationships in family, friends and lovers, even in the work place with co- workers. It enhances the quality of our physical and emotional health. Interpersonal communication is inescapable and communication connects us to others and through interpersonal communication can help manage our relationships for improvement and maybe in termination of a relationship.

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