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Role Component Paper

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Role Component Paper

     Teachers have always been considered to be the major influential factors that will shape the future of a society. In their hands lie the very essence of equipping the younger generations of the tools that will make themselves competitive not only for their respective survival but also to contribute more to the social structures of the nation. In this manner, it is important that a teacher can clearly express his capacity to become a person who possesses professional development in his career.

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Role Component Paper
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This simply equates to the fact that a teacher who has already developed his competence to teach will then be a very worthy asset of the society. What are the criterions that a professionally developed teacher needs to have?

Exemplary Character. A teacher who is to be evaluated for Professional Development should have the capacity to adhere to the educational institution’s rules and regulations. This simply projects a notion that the professional is able to comply with whatever the educational system predicts to be followed that will make the organization organized.

Of course this does not only encompass the teacher’s adherence, he or she should also become a role model to help the students understand what the institution’s rules are and make sure that these rules are implemented. A teacher who is professionally developed has the ability to apply rules and regulations to him and to the students as the best role model (Medev, 2000).
Communicate Effectively. Another evaluation criterion that a professionally developed teacher should have is effective communication. It is pertinent that the teacher knows how to penetrate each and every student character in order to make them listen to him. Good communication skills enable the teacher to know the feedback of the students as well as make it easier for the students to understand what he needs them to do in order to run a systematic class for the whole academic year. Also, communication bridges the gaps between the teachers and the students which will then lead to better leaning experiences for the students. Teachers who can’t communicate well lose their appeal to the students therefore makes the latter uninterested (Patterson, 2009).
Knows his craft. A teacher who has achieved professional development should clearly know what he is teaching. This simply means that the teacher has already mastered the subjects and topics that the students need to learn. Apparently, there are still faculty’s members who are sometimes not really familiar with the lessons they are teaching to the class. If a teacher will teach chemistry for a subject, then he should be competitive enough to teach from the very basic periodic table of elements symbols to assisting students to conduct lab experiments about electrolysis.
Openness for More Improvement. A real professionally developed teacher does not get satisfied with his achievements. He should be of a character that is always open to suggestions for developing himself more. Suggestions and guidance from the school administration is always welcomed and thanked for. Also, the teacher must be very accommodating when it comes to negative feedback and should consider all of these as constructive criticisms.
Having an evaluation system that will measure the professional development of a teacher is an integral part to make an educational institution more efficient and achieve its goals. It is always clear that a teacher who is a role model to the students, communicates well, an expert in his profession and open-minded will achieve the best evaluation measures from the entire educational institution community.


The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, (2000). The good teacher is more than a lecturer: the twelve roles of the teacher. Retrieved February 15, 2009, from Medev Web site: http://www.medev.ac.uk/resources/features/AMEE_summaries/guide20_summary

Patterson, Gregory (2009). What makes for a good teacher?. Retrieved February 15, 2009, from Startribune Web site: http://www.startribune.com/politics/state/38838092.html?elr=KArks8c7PaP3E77K_3c::D3aDhUoaEaD_ec7PaP3iUiacyKUnciaec8O7EyUr


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