Person’s Personality: The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

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The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a test designed to accurately identify a person’s personality. It consists of seventy questions aimed at determining a person’s focus of attention, preferred method of taking in information, decision-making style, and preferred lifestyle.

I eagerly awaited this test and put in a concentrated effort to give the most precise answers. After evaluating my score, I found that I belong to the ISFP category. But what does this acronym mean? It represents Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. An introvert is someone who focuses on their internal world of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. I agree with this description as I heavily depend on others’ emotions and impressions. Sometimes, I can sense people’s inner feelings even when they don’t show them outwardly.

The part about Sensing I strongly disagreed with. It stated that Sensing individuals tend to prioritize the present reality and information gathered through their senses. In contrast, N (iNtuitions), the opposite of S, suggests that N individuals focus on possibilities, relationships, and anticipate the future. Personally, I believe that I align more with N than S.

The following passage states that I am more inclined towards feeling rather than thinking, which means that I make judgments based on personal values and tend to be more focused on individuals. While I agree with the aspect of making judgments based on personal values, I do not agree with being inclined towards being people-oriented. I often find myself getting into arguments with friends over my decisions or judgments because they are based on my values, which often differ greatly from others’. Lastly, the P, or perceiving, aspect mentions my preference for an adaptable, flexible, and spontaneous approach to life, and my inclination to stay open to new experiences. I agree with this aspect the most as it accurately depicts my personality.

In general, I identify as an INFP rather than an ISFP. I still hold the belief that the “N” trait describes me better than the “S” trait. This particular test surpassed my expectations in terms of accuracy and I thoroughly enjoyed completing it.

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