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The Family Molds a Person

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Hence in everything an individual does he or she reflects the other members of his or her family. It is believed so because it is in the family where one first learns to speak, to think, and to act. It is where one is first taught with life’s values, morals, and ethics. It is where one first experience to manage his or her emotions; like how and when to be happy or be unhappy. Therefore, the society judges and blames the family owing to the individual’s misbehaviour and misconduct.

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The Family Molds a Person
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This has mostly been the after effect of the problems that the Filipino families face today. In the many problems that the Filipino families face nowadays, money and liberation of youth are observed to be two of the most common roots. Money being the root of all evil is also the root of disagreement among the members of the family. A common scenario of this includes a married couple arguing due to the feeling of inferiority of the husband when he earns less than his wife.

Another scenario is siblings fighting over the inheritance they can claim from their parents. A recent example of money problems in the Filipino family is the case of a Filipino personality making a name in the sport of boxing. He is said to have a feud with his family, with his father in particular, because of mismanaged money. Nevertheless, this story of the Filipino boxer has ended well. Despite the issue being broadcast to the whole world, they still managed to patch things up for their family.

This attests that in the Filipino family there are no permanent enemies. They may at times experience a rocky relationship but at the end of the day Filipino families are still a happy family. Concerning the problems faced because of the liberation of youth, it is assumed to stem from the changing view of society to different genders and the various exposures of the youth to different media presenting sex, drugs, vices, and the like.

These bring about coming ‘out’ of those who are said to be labelled as gays and lesbians, unwanted pregnancies and addiction. These instances could cause great trials to the family because it may create scandals and begin issues directed to the parents regarding how inappropriately they have raised their children. An example of this is the case of a popular action star in the 90’s that is from a family of ‘barako’ men. When he decided to come ‘out’ and announce that he is gay, his family was at first shaken but did not fail to accept him.

This demonstrates that when a Filipino family faces these problems they go through the process of denial, followed by arguing that may cause rejection of the youth. Then bargaining, depression, and finally, because the Filipinos do not have a heart of steel to ignore a family member, acceptance will ensue. This will bring about joy of liberation, which was taken as a result of certain circumstances, and correction of mistakes to the now happy family. Despite the problems Filipino families face, they still stay true to their nature that they are happy people.

They still face their problems with a smile. They can do such because they have their families there to care for and support for them though good times and bad. Filipino families will also still protect and still be proud of their family member’s achievements whatever faults he or she has done. They will still continue love and bring out the best in one another in any test they may meet. Yes, a Filipino family face a lot of problems everyday. They are not perfect; but they manage to be simply happy … be a happy family.

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