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The Lady or the Tiger Story Analysis

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  • Pages 5
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    Characters From my point of view, in this short story The Lady, or The Tiger? , the writer, Frank Stockton has included and narrated some of the characters. The characters are the people who responsible for the thought and actions in this short story. They are extremely important because they will help the readers to understand the whole parts of the story line through their actions. Each character has he/her own attitudes, mannerism and appearances or making it briefly, their personalities will greatly give an influence to the progress of the story line, starting from the beginning of the story until the end.

    In this short story, Frank Stockton has included some of the characters with different personalities to make this story more entertaining. The first character is the commoner, a young man who can be said as a role character in this short story. He is being described by the writer as a handsome and brave man, who has adored the princess of the kingdom. This can be proven as everybody impressed by his good-looking face until he already got the princess’s attention towards him. However, their affair has been known by the king of the kingdom, results to his imprisonment and trial at the arena in which his destiny will be determined.

    He put his trust on the princess without the slightest hesitation when she gives a sign to him to choose the right door. Next, the king of the kingdom has been described as a semi-barbaric king, has a great power as a leader in the kingdom, give an opportunity for him on what he wants to do or decide. There is no one can interfere with his decision. He becomes furious when he discovers an affair between his daughter and the commoner lead to his command to set the young man to be trialled in the arena.

    As an antagonist character in this short story, the king is being described as a cruel person when he uses the arena as a place of judgement for an accused person in which he needed to choose either the lady or the hungry tiger. For the third character is the princess. She is the king’s pride and possession as she is absolutely beautiful and loved by all men in the kingdom. She is also the only daughter of the king and had already fell in love with the young man. The princess already knew which one is the right door to be chosen. She knows which door leads to the tiger and the other door leads to the Lady.

    Lastly, the character in this story is the lady. The lady is being picked by the king to be a young man’s bride and she resembles the freedom and life for the young man if he chooses the right door. She is very beautiful, charming and known to both the young man and the princess. She becomes the subject of the princess’s jealousy and hatred. Theme One of the themes from this short story is love. This theme is a central theme in this short story and can be interpreted through these two characters between the young man and the princess. This theme covered up mostly the whole part in the short story.

    At the exposition of the story, the love between the young man and the princess has been known by the king. This lead to the imprisonment and trial in the arena for the young man. It can be said that their relationship will be not going further as their love is a prohibited love. Secondly, the theme that has been portrayed in this short story is authoritative which means the power that somebody have. This can be seen when there is no people although just only a single person in the kingdom can interfere with the king’s decision and order as the people only obey him without any words.

    Every things he says is a law and no questions will be asked. He is freely to decide anyone that has been accused to be trialled in the arena. When the young man has been set to the arena, he does not being given any chance to defend himself and even not a single word to explain the real situation. This shows how powerful the king is over his subjects. Thirdly, the theme is jealousy. Despair and jealousy because the princess loves him so much, that she does not want him to get killed. At the same time, she is truly feel jealous for the lady to have him if the young man choose his life and this will lead to the princess’s hatred.

    At the resolution, the writer does not tell the outcome of the short story either the princess has do overcome her jealousy towards the lady, and let her have him or choose the death for the young man because of her jealousy. Her jealousy will influence the outcome of the story. The next theme is social status. From the beginning of the story, this theme already could be seen when the writer narrates the atmosphere and scenery of the kingdom with the life of the people. The social status here divides the royal family with the people.

    The serious relationship between these two groups is prohibited as this will give a bad image to the royal family. That’s why the young man is being trialled in the arena as his punishment when the love between the princess and himself has been known by the king. Lastly, the theme that also can be interpreted in this short story is loyalty or we can said, blindly loyal. This theme covers up mostly the part starting when the young man has been accused and will be trialled in the arena. The young man loyal to the king’s command and does not dispute or argue about it.

    The people also blindly loyal to their king and no one questioned about the king’s command although they know that this is not fair for the young man. Symbol First symbol is the arena itself. The arena symbolizes the place of judgement for an accused person to be trialled to determine either he is an offender or innocent person. The accused person will be instantly punished if he found himself guilty and if innocent, he will be rewarded on the spot whether he likes it or not. There is no escape from the judgements of the king’s arena. Secondly, the symbol is the king himself.

    The king symbolizes the power in which all his commands and words are laws and no one can deny him. All the people just obey him blindly without any words. Thirdly, the symbol is the young maiden. The young maiden symbolizes the life and freedom for the young man. She is being picked by the king as a reward for the young man. He will get married with the young maiden on the spot if does not choose the wrong door. The next symbol is the tiger. The tiger symbolizes the death and guilt for the young man. If he chooses the wrong door, he will get killed and eaten alive by the tiger and he will be proven guilty by his own destiny.

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    Did the princess chose The Lady, or the Tiger?
    The author excludes the ending and fate of the man, and instead, he leaves it to the reader to determine. After further analysis of the story, the reader can conclude that the princess chose the door with the tiger behind it.
    What is the message of the story The Lady, or the Tiger?
    The main themes in “The Lady, or the Tiger?” are choices and consequences, power and judgement, and love and jealousy. Choices and consequences: The king's justice system is based on choices and consequences. Those who choose to commit a crime must then choose the door that will decide their fate.

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