The legacies of confucius

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A superior man in dealing with the world is not for anything or against anything.

He follows righteousness as the standard.Confucianism has shaped China and East Asia in many ways.  Like Christianity in the West and Islam in the Middle East, the impact of Confucianism is enormous on the life and cultures of the populace of china and the East Asian countries. These legacies are deeply rooted in the cultural and structural orientation that people of the religion have adopted for contributing to society as useful citizen.

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Although it appears to contend with Taoism, its influence on most people is astounding. I would evaluate just three of these impacts.Virtues: Confucianism is essentially centred on the pursuit on virtue ethics as a viable means to a fruitful society.  These virtues are portrayed as righteousness, and are the standard for living for the members.

It is best exemplified with the concept of the superior who understand virtues and not profits.  Such virtues are held in high esteem, as the guiding principle for life. With this, everyone is good to his neighbour and strives to remain so. In pursuit of these virtues, the society is orderly.

Hi life portrayed his teachings.The Leader:  The Confucian political view emphasizes the importance of leadership; it asserts that virtues are best learnt when there is an existing example for the members. The ruler should lead by example according to the same virtues the people adopt.  With this, leadership is linked to mentorship, and this helps to raise generations of leaders and mentors.

This has greatly impacted the results from this part of the world. He actually lived by example.Governance by virtues:  As much as it is a religious group, it places premium on religious matters but not those of menial importance. Its focus is that Confucians should always pursue good government through virtues.

Here there is accountability. There are leaders ready to correct an erring subordinate in governance because of the existing religious culture. Followers must also be held in high esteem by their leaders who would not want to disappoint them nor become unruly religious examples.These are just a few of the ways Confucius has touched the life and character of people of China and the East Asian countries through the legacy of his beliefs and lifestyle.

Indeed, these legacies have outlived him, and that’s why he has become the object of a religion.


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