Nursing is a profession in the medical field

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Throughout history in the United States of America if you were sick usually you would be taken care of by your family, friends, and neighbors who were knowledgeable in ways to heal sicknesses. In the United States being cared for in the sick individuals home remained traditional until the nineteenth century. These practices usually happened in the homes of the sick individuals and sometimes you were taken care of by someone who you were not related. But there were times where the sick individual needed to be taken care of by someone who understood the disease or sickness must better. That is because periodically when epidemics and plagues hit they would clean out towns and cities throughout the country, which then cause hospitals to exist. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, hospitals began to show up to give service to those who were in need because they were without the resources to provide their own care. Soon after that hospitals began to increase in numbers so the demand for nurses did too. At this time hospitals were usually built in more populated areas of the country because there were people to provide care to. The year 1873 was an amazing year for nursing because three nurse educational programs were created. They were the New York Training School at Bellevue Hospital, the Connecticut Training School at the State Hospital and the Boston Training School at Massachusetts General Hospital. These three programs were all based on ideas by Florence Nightingale, who was the founder of modern nursing. Thanks to her ideas it led to more nursing programs being created. Usually, these programs were more like apprenticeship programs that used the students for labor. Nursing skyrocketed after the world wars and more hospitals started popping up. During World War I there was a big demand for the nurses. About 23,000 American nurses served in the military during World War l. They provided care to the people involved in war both in the United States and throughout Europe. Then when the United States entered World War II the nurses had double in work because they taking and were put in more critical positions with 78,000 nurses serving. After these situations, nursing became more of a rigorous job, similar to what is it today but with better technology. Interesting facts about this job is that the New England Hospital for women and children that was made in 1862 and it was also the first nursing school in the United States, the first nursing school ever was established in 250 B.C. in India, and also Nurses walk 4 miles a day on an average day.

Nursing is a profession in the medical field that is meant to be focused on the care of the sick, families, and communities. Registered nurse are also known as an RN nurse, is a nurse who has earned a bachelor degree of science in nursing. Which means he or she has earned a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination known as NCLEX-RN. The exam is administered and given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing also known as the NCSBN. Passing this means you have met all the other licensing requirements required by the National Council Licensure Examination to become a nurse. Once this exam has received a passing score the individual has become a registered nurse with a bachelor degree of science in nursing. In a typical day of a Registered Nurse, they must have a conversation with the previous shift nurse and or must review outpatient records of their currently emitted patients to see what their day might look like with that current patient. Usually, with the patient that is being transferred into your shift, you will have to communicate with the doctor to coordinate schedules for the patient to receive the best help, and check and finish paperwork or online work left. And throughout the day they will get new patients. When they get new patients they might have to all the following activities; administering medications, managing intravenous lines also know as IVs, taking care of the patients, observing and recording patients’ conditions, communicating with doctors, providing and giving emotional support to patients and their families and loved ones, advising and teaching patients on how to self-administer medication and how to perform physical therapy, and lastly teaching the patients and the general public on disease management, nutritional plans, and medical conditions. Also, those nurses might be supervising their aids. These nurses who do this rigorous job get paid well so if you decide you want to be a nurse just know the paid will be good. The 2017 median pay of registered nurses is $70,000 per year and $33.65 per hour. Registered nurses typically work in hospitals, clinics, schools, home health care services, and nursing care facilities. Employment for registered nurses is expected to grow 15% between now and 2026 because of varies reasons. Those reasons include the dying population of the baby boomers and growing rates of certain diseases. There is a shortage of nurses, so finding a job at hospitals will not be that difficult in the United States. This occupation mainly deals with people and data because as a nurse you deal with people because you trying to help them, and data because you have to record what you see and what the doctors tell you.

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The educational requirements for becoming a registered nurse is to get a bachelor degree of science in nursing or and master degree of science in nursing. The way to achieve becoming a nurse is when entering a university only if the school offers it apply to the pre-nursing major. If you do not get in you always apply to majors with the same prerequisites. The prerequisites are first-year composition sequence, one-year general chemistry, one year of Human Anatomy and Physiology, one semester of Introductory Biology, one semester of Microbiology, one semester of statistics, one semester of Lifespan Development, and one semester of Nutrition. Majors like public health have the same requirements as nursing. You can also transfer into pre-nursing during your second semester of university, and if that is not possible you can apply to the college of nursing at the end of sophomore there to get into the BSN program. Some skills required for a person to be a nurse are to be compassionate, know how to communicate so an excellent communicator, have ethics, able to think critically, attentive to detail so detail-oriented, confident, have stamina, and commitment to the job. This means you have to have people skills because as a nurse you will deal with all types of people. I think I would be able to handle this job because I really like the idea of help others through a time of need and science behind nursing is fun to learn about. Usually, the training required to be a nurse is learned at college through the clinicals and you learn more through experiences. The hours for nurses are very intense they typically work around 8 hours more or less a day but typically work 40 hours a week. Also, they might work night shifts and most likely will not get holidays off if they work in hospitals and vacations are rare.

In conclusion, nurses do play an important to society, and I do think there is flexibility in nursing because you can work in different places. From working at hospitals, clinics, schools, home health care services, nursing care facilities so the possibilities are endless. And depending on where you work there is a flexibility in working holidays and weekends. From what I learned I do think I am suited for this job, but I do know to achieve this job, it will take a lot of hard work. Also, think the hard work will be worth it in the end because helping people is something I have always wanted to do.

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