Is Nursing a Profession

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The Bixler’s emphasized the significance of specific intellectual and personal qualities in their standards for professions. They held the belief that a profession should have a clearly defined knowledge base and an elevated level of intellectuality. In nursing, professionals receive specialized education and training which is verified through professional licensure in each state. Nurses are obligated to adhere to a code of ethics and established practice standards, with violations potentially resulting in license revocation or sanctions.

We have our own body of ongoing research that influences our practice. Nurses work autonomously within our scope of practice. We create and implement our own care plans for clients (when relevant); we exercise judgment, utilize critical thinking abilities, and make nursing diagnoses. Nurses apply their specialized knowledge, experience, and skill set to start life-saving measures, enhance and advocate for global health and well-being, and alleviate pain, suffering, and grief. We are all unified in this shared mission—irrespective of our workplace, job title, or employment status.

Nursing is not only my profession but also my life’s passion. I have held different positions in the nursing field, both as an employee and as a self-employed nurse. Regardless of the job title or whether I directly interacted with healthcare consumers (we are all healthcare consumers), my work has always been within the nursing field. My mission, ideals, and dedication to ethical and practice standards have remained constant throughout every role I have had. As a healthcare expert myself, I understand my responsibilities and duties as a care provider in various situations.

Today, as a nurse entrepreneur, I describe myself as a self-employed registered nurse who dedicates my time to speaking and writing. I believe I heal with words. After 35 years as a proud member of the nursing profession, I no longer want to discuss or debate the issue. Instead, I simply want to continue living it, constantly striving to improve my own practice and elevate the standards of my profession for another 35 years or even longer.

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