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The Phi Phi Islands are situated in Thailand, between the big island of Phuket and the western seashore of the mainland. It consisted by group of islands such as Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lae, Bidanok, Bida Nai, Yoong, Pai, the largest of which is named Koh Phi Phi Don, the lone 1 with lasting dwellers on. As a scene of a British-American movie ‘The Beach‘ in 2000, this island came to a world-wide tourer attractive force. Unfortunately it was trampled by the Indian Ocean Tsunami on December 2004, when about every substructure on the island is destroyed. Till now, most of this has been restored and reopened to tourers all over the universe.

As established a national park of Thailand in 1983, the islands feature beaches and liquid sea H2O are under the protection of local authorities. Tourism on Phi Phi, like the rest portion of Krabi state, has developed merely really recent old ages. It was so natural that merely the most adventuresome visited this island remaining in merely the most basic adjustment in the early 1990s. Presents, nevertheless, this island is going one of the major finishs for travelers in Krabi. Compared to other islands nearby, Phi Phi islands are still extremely less exploded, where no route on the largest island while the others are wholly free of human dwellers. Hence visitants would bask their insouciant holiday without bunco and hustle. Based on its idyllic touristry resource, hike, snorkelling and plunging are the activities most extremely recommended by every touristry bureau company. Meanwhile fishing, stone mounting and drop jumping are enjoyed among their specific participants.

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Tourism System Identification

Before get downing to compose a direction program, it is necessary to place resources of chief finish. Resources include natural resources, civilization, capital and organisations. Natural resources are climate, H2O, geographics and scenery. Culture is about historic sites, culinary art, faith, local famous persons. Capital includes substructure, transit and funding. Organizations are including public and private sectors.

Natural resources

O Weather

Phi Phi islands are located between the Pacific and the Indian. It is located about 50 kilometers from Phuket. Because of its location, the conditions is about 24°C to 32°C twelvemonth unit of ammunition. From November to March is the best clip to see the island. However, local people enjoy from June to August. The ground is the conditions is good and there are less people or tourers in celebrated sites.

O Water and Geography

In 1998, over 150,000 tourers visited Phi Phi islands and most of them are aliens ( Seenprachwong, 2001 ) because the Phi Phi has 3S. These are Sun, Sand and Sea. The sea is really beautiful and clean so that it is celebrated for scuba diving and swimming. The island is composed by limestone. Hence, it has a important position of reefs. Peoples even can see it clearly under the H2O. Furthermore, in the south-east of Phi Phi Lay, there is a topographic point called Viking Cave. The cave is full of wall pictures. Most pictures are elephants and boats. It is shown that people has lived in Phi Phi Island long clip ago.

Phi Phi Don is the biggest island. In the North of this island, there is called Laem Tong. It is a best topographic point for aqualung diving. The plentiful, assorted Marine ecology is the most of import ground. Beachs such as Ao Lodalum and Ao Ton Sai are besides good topographic points for tourers to hold a relax minute in Phi Phi.

O Scenery

As this study mentioned before, Phi Phi is portion of National Park in 1983. In 1990s there are more and more people came to Phi Phi Islands. There are two grounds. The first is that it is near to Phuket. When Phuket is crowded by tourers, some people will come to Phi Phi for basking a relaxing and quiet clip. The 2nd ground is that the island, Phi Phi Lay is the scene of the film “The Beach” . This topographic point is Maya Bay. Some of tourers will come here to hold rubber-necking and have an escapade to see sceneries of the film.


Phi Phi island is belonged to Krabi Province. The population of Krabi is about 458,000 in 2000. 60 per centum of people are Buddhists. 40 per centum are Muslims. It makes the topographic point with plentifulness of events. For illustration, there is a jubilation called “Songkran Festival” during the Thai New Year. People will observe by sing temples, scattering H2O on Buddha images for demoing respects to Buddha, and scattering H2O on each other ‘s custodies for wishing good fortune. However, it becomes a H2O battle in recent old ages. Everyone is brainsick to draw H2O on each other, no affair friends, aliens, or tourers. There is no exclusion that people will non acquire moisture on that twenty-four hours.

The study has mentioned there is a Viking cave in Phi Phi Lay. The cave is full of ancient pictures. It is a topographic point to detect ancient history. Because pictures include many sorts of boats, Chinese boats and European boats, this topographic point might be a transportation seaport of trade or a shelter for seamans from storms.

Most of hotels and eating houses are in Tonsai. The celebrated culinary art in Tosai is seafood. Peoples sell fresh seafood which is caught in the forenoon to pull tourers. After sun sinks into the sea, many cabarets, bars are buoy uping up. Some eating houses merely open in the dark.


O Infrastructure

Since 1990, the touristry development makes this topographic point more and more crowded. This development lets the environment in danger. When the film “The Beach” filmed here, the company destroyed the environment by cutting down trees and planted coconut trees, constructing Villas. This made a immense impact while tsunami hit Phi Phi islands in 2004. Most of edifices collapsed, around 70 per centum. Tai authorities even prohibited people go to the island. After July, 2005, most edifices were rebuilt by authorities and about 300 stores and events started once more.

After this natural catastrophe, Thai authorities started to works trees which were large plenty to cut down amendss by natural catastrophes. Besides, they proposed an docket to protect local environment by restricting the development of hotels and puting up the restriction of tourers. However, local people were against this proposal. There were near 1500 hotels and eating houses opened once more in the terminal of 2005.

Tonsai is the chief topographic point of tourers. There is a tourer information Centre. There are few Bankss in Tonsai which is located in Phi Phi Don. However, there are no Bankss or ATMs on the east seashore. Peoples merely can alter or retreat money here.

O Transportation systems

Phi Phi is near to Phuket and Krabi, merely 50 kilometer. There are two ways to travel to Phi Phi. The first vehicle is ferries. Peoples can take ferry signifier Phuket or Krabi. It takes 90 proceedingss. Furthermore, people can go by ferries with their autos. However, it merely has two ferries each twenty-four hours. The other option is by speedboats. Companies are private. There are some speedboats companies to take. It is more flexible so taking ferries. Peoples can even acquire to their chosen resorts to salvage more clip.

The interior roads of islands are little. The island is little, approximately 28000 km? . Hence, the most celebrated vehicle which people can utilize is bike.


O Public

The figure of tourers is increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth. It was 2.5 million in 1981, and 11 million in 1993 to the national windbreaker. Because of this, the authorities revises Torahs twelvemonth by twelvemonth to work out the environmental jobs. Hence, the Thai authorities had a announcement of the Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Act. Of B.E. 2535 ( 1992 ) . This Act is about ordering how to pull off, program and keep the environmental quality. There are some characteristics of this Act, such as the defiler pays rules, appellation of environmental preservation and protection zone, pollution control zone and particular working group. Besides, The Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) had an event which could wake up people ‘s consciousness of environmental preservation. The authorization used many ways to state people how to protect environment, such as media, TAT ‘s publications and intelligence. TAT besides trained youth people to hold cognition of preservation. There were some runs which were held in tourer finishs naming people from every community to clean finishs, such as “Beautiful Phuket” undertaking.

O Tsunami Warning System

Tsunami warning system is established in 1949. It is a system which can foretell where tsunami happens and warn people to cut down amendss. There are 26 states and provinces fall ining the system. Thailand is one of members. However, before 2004, there is no sensing system in west seashores of Thailand. That is one ground why Puket and Phi Phi Island had a immense harm. After this, the authorities set up the system in west seashores. In last twelvemonth, there is about 14.09 million tourers from everyplace to Thailand.

O Private

After tsunami hit Phi Phi Island, a occupant in Phi Phi gathered local Thais and foreign voluntaries to assist people to populate. The group was called “Hi Phi Phi” . First, they cleaned up Phi Phi Islands. Then, they help local people to repaint houses, hotels and replant trees. They were necessities and hopes for eating houses, bars and guesthouses in Phi Phi Island to back up their life. Now, their mission is complete. The group is seeking to assist local people for puting up charities. Charities can help people to Reconstruction and take attention of orphans in a long-run.

Phi Phi Island is the celebrated and tempting touristry finish in Thailand and in peculiar celebrated for its diverseness of plunging reefs and home grounds. The regular circuit activities of phi phi island include scene observation, fishing, plunging, rock- mounting, sea kayaking and watering place.

Management Plan

Ao Nang Tourism Strategy Steering Committee ( ATSSC ) is the regional establishment based on Phi Phi Island and specific in researching new touristry attractive forces ; advance the resorts and public the up-to -date touristry information. ATSSC is the leader in accomplishing a sustainable touristry finish by equilibrating the economic net incomes and environmental, local cultural value in a regional and planetary context. The chief mark of the commission in 2010 is to project the “Phi Phi Island Tourism Development Program 2010” .


First, uniting the astonishing natural resources and alone local civilizations to further the touristry industry as a feasible sector of local economic system ( Stynes, D & A ; O’Halloran, C,1987 ) ; to place the Phi Phi Island as the preferable four-season touristry and athleticss activities finish and construct a recognizable even hankering image of Phi Phi Island among the travelers around the universe.

Second, to promote selling enterprises that based on the bing touristry resources and comparative advantages to advance touristry development. On the premiss of non destroying environment, the commission and local communities try to research new activities to pull more staying visitants through publicity and proviso of visitant substructures, circuit services and characteristic events.

Third, to guarantee the plan is the well-managed procedure ( D. Stynes & A ; C. O’Halloran, 1987 ) , maintaining the touristry development with the transporting capablenesss of the host community, equilibrating the demands of the travelers and demands of the local abode. The locals which live in the premier touristry location have great impact on the touristry development. One of the cardinal aims of the plan is to derive a greater degree of credence and support of local people, teach the locals to understand the impacts of touristry on local economic system every bit good as to ease attempts to upgrade the quality of service, comfortss and attractive forces.

Tourism is the pillar industry in Phi Phi Island, the commission aims to make more occupation chances and further the investing through the plan so as to heighten the viability and sustainability of local economic system.

Tourism development is a systematic undertaking which requires corporation among economic development bureaus, the authorities representatives and touristry bureaus ( D. Stynes & A ; C. O’Halloran,1987 ) . One purpose of the plan is to derive echt willingness to advance greater cooperation every bit good as to portion duties among different societal sectors to ease the feasibleness of the aims and accomplish the best consequences.


To bring forth touristry development options requires some incorporate analysis of local resources and demands of visitants. The commission present three touristry development programs as below:

O International Water Sports Centre:

Phi Phi Island is the most attractive aqualung plunging finish in Thailand because its repose privateness and its bespoke plunging wharf. ( McGeown K,2005 ) The singularity of plunging in Phi Phi Island comparison to other islands in Krabi state are the astonishing limestone drops drastically directly stick outing out of sea and down to the sea every bit good as its diverseness of plunging reefs and home grounds. On the footing of advantaged natural resources, the commission schemes to construct Phi Phi Island as the universe renowned Water Sports Centre ( WSC strategy ) covers from plunging, snorkelling to sea kayaking.

O Marrying Eden:

Phi Phi Island is the delicious topographic point that full of cultural spirit and receives much exposure from Hollywood films. The Maya Bay is the original setting topographic point of love film — -“The Beach” starred Leonardo Di Caprio and “The adult male with aureate gun” with James Bond. The singular natural scenery non merely attracts the large names, the tempting local civilization besides fascinates the new twosomes and newlyweds around the universe.

Infinite concern chances hide in the pristine beach and crystal clear H2O, the ATSSC commission undertakings a subject circuit that mark on the immature people, in peculiar the immature twosome to provide for the nuptialss and honeymoon services. This proposition will non merely pull more staying visitants, but besides drive development of related industries such as hotels, eating houses and bars and ferry industries.

O Ultimate Wellness Sanctuary:

The Phi Phi ‘s natural beauty is a big ball of temptingness that attracts visitants from all ages. The way behind the Tonsai Village is the ideal place to see the authoritative landscape, and the long beach is ace excellent for the position of Sun rise and Sun set. After one twenty-four hours ‘ trip, holding an energy-enriching intervention is the antic gratifying coating. Phi Phi Island is one of the beginnings of Thai Spa due to its rich natural stuffs include flower infusions, workss oils, sea weeds and fish-roe. The commission proposes to upgrade the watering place intervention on Phi Phi Island to an upper category on the footing of pure natural resources and traditional massages. Transform the watering place industry from the touristry back uping concern to the nucleus local industry.

Options Evaluation

It is of import to measure the touristry development options from the feasibleness analysis and impact analysis with the “Benefits and Cost” attack which link the touristry activities with the stableness of local economic system, the sensitiveness of environment and societal construction ( Walsh, R.G, 1985 ) . The touristry development plan impact on Phi Phi Island as below:

Impact on local authorities: local authorities takes the major duties to supply the substructures and services that key to tourism development. Developing the new touristry undertaking can force authorities to guarantee the carrying capacities, infrastructures that to run into the awaited demands. Phi Phi Island has rich storage of natural resources and its touristry has developed more than two decennaries, in peculiar the diving industry has grown maturely. The new touristry undertaking will cut down the capital force per unit area of authorities and increase the authorities gross through charges, gross revenues and revenue enhancements. ( Stynes, D.J, 2004 )

Impact on local concern: The touristry development can straight function the community benefit and thrust related industries. The diving Centre can pull more frogmans that stimulate the development of local transit ; the nuptials services drive the growing of flower planting and the watering place industry generate more occupation chances for skilled locals. However, the cardinal point for touristry development is the more “self-sufficient” the community is, the better the touristry impact. ( Stynes, D.J, 2004 ) For illustration, although Phi Phi Island has the antic diving sites, the necessary diving equipments are largely imported from U.S, Europe and Australia. If these merchandises are bought to mush from outside, the big sum of tourer disbursement will leak out of the local economic system.

Impact on environment and abode: The quality of environment and life may travel up or down depends on the manner of touristry development. ( D. Stynes & A ; C. O’Halloran,1987 ) Developing Tourism may bring forth more occupation chances and increase gross every bit good supplying more retail merchants, hotels and eating houses ; nevertheless, from the other manus, it besides mean the higher life cost, busier traffic and higher revenue enhancement, and the possibilities of environmental harm. ( D. Stynes & A ; C. O’Halloran,1987 ) In add-on, touristry is the season-sensitive industry, and touristry work are fundamentally in service sector and most are seasonal, parttime and low pay. The local authorities and touristry commission should equilibrate the benefit and cost of touristry development and do a sustainable and strategically touristry development program.

Tourism Development Decision

Tourism development program should see the comparative functions of societal sectors and affect a series of determinations. The ATSSC undertaking the touristry plan from four facets.

Cleavage: Phi Phi Island is the tempting finish full of natural resorts and cultural enigma that attract the clients from all age groups all over the universe. The mark market of new touristry plan is more precise based on the demographics and involvements groups. Phi Phi Island is celebrated for its diving and athleticss, the commission purpose to construct the Phi Phi Island as the Eden of immature people who love athleticss and beauty and are acute to pass unerasable vacation in the pearl of Andaman Sea ( Xinhua,2006 ) .

Topographic point: The finishs of Phi Phi Island plan include the Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lee and the group islands. The key to hone the local touristry is to modulate and better the transits among the different diving sites and attractive forces by uniting the ferries, fast boat with the traditional boats as the singularity of local touristry.

Upgrade the local attraction:

O Diving:

The Phi Phi Island will offer the singular assortment of plunging possibilities to different grades of frogmans from novices to expertise. The local diving nine will supply four-hour “Discover Scuba Diving” to the novices that introduce the basic accomplishments, the equipment instructions and attach to the frogmans all the clip to see the beauty of white coral shrub. For the frogmans who want to be certificated frogmans, the nine will rede them to fall in the “Dive the globe” plan to take farther experience in the most popular diving site — – the Ko Bida Nok to appreciate immense garden of star corals and unbelievable beauty of windflowers every bit good to play with the clown fish. For the certificated frogmans and PADI frogmans, the nine tailors the particular activities and guides the frogmans in little groups in speedboat and long tail boat to see the forte honkytonks. ( Udomsak, S,2003 )

O Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking:

There are abundant coral reefs systems around Maya Bay, Pi Leh Bay and Bamboo Island that antic for snorkeling. Kayaking some uninhabited beaches and Viking caves in other islands is besides the glorious option to the escapade potencies and add-on to the overall H2O activities.

O Wedding and honeymoon service:

No 1 can reject the nuptials with serenaded by sea chump and moving ridges on a tropical pristine beach, massaged by soft littorals and warm H2O from Andaman Sea. The touristry commission closely connected with the local premium hotels will offer one-step nuptials services with first hospitable abodes, fresh and colourful flowers and lovely conditions. There are assortment marrying bundle can be chose, from economic to luxury all warrant to go forth you the frightened and memorable nuptials.

O Ultimate indulgence watering place:

On Phi Phi Island, the visitants can see the reliable Thai manner watering place in the ambiance of repose. Phi Phi Island has its favorable natural advantage that has a rich storage of natural stuff, nevertheless, the massage parlours lack the incorporate criterions and ordinances to guarantee the quality of service. The commission undertakings a preparation plan for all the massage parlor on Phi Phi Island include the security cheque of environment, quality cheque of massage merchandises, the enfranchisement of skill workers ; the plan does non intend to standardisation of the watering place service, on the contrary, the commission promote the massage parlor to offer the alone services on the footing of security.

Expected consequences

The plan will be launched on May, 2010. In the initial period, the commission and local authorities will concentrate on finishing the local substructures and bettering the transporting capacities to fulfill the increasing demand of awaited visitants. With the international H2O athleticss Centre completed, the commission anticipates Phi Phi Island will go the cardinal all-around touristry finish in Andaman Sea.

Tourism is a systematic industry, the commission hope to take advantage of new circular touristry development plan to drive velocity growing of local service concern, transit industry, generate more on the job chances every bit good to construct the good will image of Phi Phi Island around the universe.

Sustainable Development

Sing the graceful scenery given by Earth, it is perfectly a competitory advantage for their touristry industry. However, little island ecosystem is less complicated hence fragile, even somewhat alterations may do the prostration the whole nutrient concatenation on this island. Without adverting the careless visitants from every corner of the universe, the most careful travelers would go forth their trail by boosting, plunging, or even merely take a breathing. For illustration, a new researching path through jungle might endanger the little animate beings feeding on bugs and worms, would straight do the drastically rise of natural enemies to workss. Under the fortunes of spices uniqueness of little ecosystem, such alteration is fatal.

Then how to protect the environment while doing to the full usage of its natural resources is the inquiry confronting to authorization. First of all, environmental protection consciousness should be engraved on everyone ‘s head. There should be consideration of environment protecting inside informations through every measure of development. From natural stuffs of edifice substructure to conspicuous marks at which remind travelers and even emission control of transit, are fundamentally demand. Second, accompany with the increasing touristry industry, a comparative rise of local dweller is a critical work stoppage on ecosystem. Alternatively of curtailing people traveling onto the little island, it is sagely for authorization to promote local occupant traveling out, meanwhile supplying more convenient conveyance. At last, there should be a visitor measure control system. Supplying different publicity and distinguishing events, to avoid a capacity overload, which would take down the client satisfactory and even take to environment break. Apparently, there would be a struggle between sustainable development and net income maximization, nevertheless, it refers to better moderately and continuously.


Based on the designation of Phi Phi Island touristry system from assortment resources including natural, civilization, capital and organisations, this study set up series of aims. In order to carry through furthering the touristry industry with a combination of natural resources and local civilization, promoting publicity on bing tourer activities, and developing local economic system through supplying more occupation chances and pulling investing, several options were generated. But these options may act upon the stableness of local economic system and environment. After rating of the impacts on different facets from those picks, this program made appropriate alterations to carry through end.

In the terminal, a successful alternate requires thoroughly resources analyzing and impacts foretelling with a sustainable execution, so that achieve the initial aims.

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