The “Powhitetrash” Children of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

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In the first six chapters of I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing, the author recounts several significant events. One such event involves the disrespect shown towards Momma by three powhitetrash kids. Marguerite, who was ten at the time, witnessed the incident and was furious that Momma did not fight back. However, upon further reflection, Marguerite realized that Momma responded to the situation with kindness instead of anger, setting an example for her grandchildren. This event highlights the prevalent racism and segregation in the South during the 1930s, where white people saw black people as inferior and treated them as such. Despite this discrimination, Momma demonstrated that there are alternative ways to resist racism and maintain one’s dignity.

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In the first six chapters of “I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing” . many events go on. One event in specific was the hapless white kids. besides known as the “powhitetrash” kids. disrespected Momma. When Marguerite was ten-years-old. three “powhitetrash” kids approached the Store. As they walked closer. Momma told her to head indoors. The kids mocked Momma by copying all her organic structure gestures and stance. They besides referred to Momma by her first name. which was really disrespectful sing the fact that she was an senior.

Marguerite showed more anger towards the state of affairs than Momma did. Marguerite wanted Momma to contend back. Even though the hapless white kids continued to do merriment of Momma. she said nil. The lone thing she did was busyness Gospel anthem. When Momma entered the Shop after the whole incident. Marguerite was still ferocious. After a few minutes. she eventually realized what Momma was making.

Alternatively of contending back with choler. she fought back with kindness. Momma’s reaction towards the three white kids shows that there are other ways to contend back racism. She refused to demo any mark of choler because she felt no demand to experience out of topographic point. The children’s effort in seeking to endanger Momma’s authorization failed because she showed them that she was much better and stronger than them. Despite the discourtesy she received. she was still respectful towards the “powhitetrash” kids. She set an illustration for her grandchildren. Bailey and Marguerite.

This experience shows how racism was back in the 1930s. Even though bondage was abolished in the late 1800s. there was still racism and segregation in the undermentioned decennaries in front. In the South. inkinesss were non considered people to the Whites. The Whites saw them more as animate beings so. they mistreated them. They felt as if they had more authorization than the inkinesss. The white kids besides thought they could disrespect inkinesss. no affair if they were another kid or senior.

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