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Pollution of the Sea by Throwing Waste

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In my life, there are some people that inspire me. People that come from different
backgrounds, but they were in common for their spirit to fight for what they believe and
made a dream come true. People who dedicated themselves to make a better world for
everybody else. They are Mahatma Gandhi for his life principle of truth and non-violence,
Albert Schweitzer for his cares, love and respect for all living things, Thomas Alfa Edison
the great inventor of modern science, and Jacques Cousteau for his passionate love for the
Sea is two-thirds of the world. I live in Ambon, the capital of Moluccas province, Indonesia,
where sea is ninety three percent of the total province. Moluccas has more than ten thousand
six hundred kilometers long coastal side. Indonesia has eighty one thousand kilometers long
coastal side. The sea and the coastal areas play important roles in our small place. We have
many kinds of dishes made from sea product.

In some area fishermen grow seaweeds to
export. Sea vehicles are important as transportation infrastructure. Many people are
depending on the sea.
But I am surprised to see that not too many people are taking good care of the sea. Many
people only take benefit from the sea but give nothing except pollutant and damages in
return. It is like symbiosis of parasitism. There are a lot of garbage, especially plastic
garbage are floating, cast along the coastal side and sinking at the bottom of the sea. I saw
also sedimentation of the sea as the impact of deforestation which damages the beach and
coastal life.
I believe we should give something good to the sea as a return thanks for all the delicious
food we eat, nice pearl accessories we wear, a wonderful scene it offers, and so on. Then we
can continue to get a quality of sea products and its carried benefits. It is a cycle of life of
giving and receiving.
I live in the time where the world is getting old. Pollution, deforestation, green house effect,

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Pollution of the Sea by Throwing Waste
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