The School Fight: Scared to Help out

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During one normal school day at lunch time the weather was hot and no clouds in the sky. I was walking along to help Mr Petersen get equipment for athletics training.

While I was walking through the year 9 area some year 9”s were huddling around with one tall skinny guy and one short average weight. To me I was wondering her we go a fight is going to happen and like the people that were around them didn’t care besides wanting to see action. The two guys that were in the circle had their blood boiling inside of them and the look in their eye had revenge.When I saw them to me I am just thinking it’s a waste of time.

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Once Mr Petersen was about to open the door I was telling him that there’s a fight going on. He didn’t understand what I said the first time so I had to repeat myself while fists were flying everywhere from both guys. They didn’t care about the other person getting hurt but it showed how so much anger was let out. When I repeated myself the second time he finally understood what I said.

By the time he ran the small guy full dropped the tall one into the ground within a spilt second.The crowd got bigger within seconds and then Mr Petersen came to the rescue and pulled of the little guy and some other teacher got the other one. While the two guys were in a Holt by the teachers they really wanted to go out at eachother like wild animals in a cage. During the fight the people around them didn’t do anything at all to stop it and no one went to tell a teacher about it until I told Mr Petersen about it.

It is so sad to see that people these days are too scared to be involved helping out. In a way anyone that sees a fight should stay away from it.The two guys that were in the fight started to threaten eachother in D block saying all dirty things and some I would not want to describe. People were still following including me to see if anything else would happen but likely nothing happened after they threatened eachother with slurs and just things people wouldn’t normally say when someone’s really really angry.

I guess at the time they weren’t thinking straight although they still had the wild animal sense in them to cause more damage to their enemy.I saw through the window that they have calm down in the room. When the fight ended people that were in the area were all talking about it and describing to eachother what happened or what was going on. Some people came up to me and asking me all these questions wanting to know the fight.

Well I did say something about it but not alot because in a way it’s no worth talking about it and it was just a waste of timing hitting someone for revenge and no one knew why.Everyone around me was just going on and on about the fight. All I heard from other people opinions about it one person was just being negative about it and once I turned my head around one was like all over the moon. I don’t understand how fight would resolve problems but it makes more problems all the time.

To be honest this generation that we live in now is just so unfair, a lot of thing get out of hand and it is just disgraceful to see fight happening all the time.To the two guys that fought against eachother needed to grow up because there was no reason to it besides the revenge that both of them had in them. I don’t know why people have to use actions instead of using words to solve the situation. Within everything that I saw I don’t see the fact to solve the problem is to fight and see who wins.

I see that everything now days resolves into a fight and although there’s better ways to deal with situations but fighting is mostly common in today’s society. In the end everything was sorted out and things went back to normal. By Luc Oh-Aye

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