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The Song About Nelson Mandela

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This song is “Glorious years” The song is about Nelson Mandela, the song was from Wong Ka Kui, he was a Honk Kong Musician, songwriter, and singer. This song was Wong wrote it for Mandela, he was deeply moved by Mandela. When he was released from prison in 1990, he wrote the lyrics for him and finally became a classic song.

In the lyrics said” the clock bell chimes the signal to go home” this sentence is talking about the First South African president Nelson Mandela has been released from prison.

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The Song About Nelson Mandela
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The bell in the prison rang and Nelson was released, in his life seemed helpless. Second sentence “dark skin gives him the meaning” it’s a lifetime of dedication. In the skin color struggle. If you have black skin, your life will be dedicated to others. There is also a meaning that Mandela wants to rehabilitate his race. I’ve been dedicated to all South African all my life. The third one is” the years have changed possession into loss” the meaning is Tired eyes with expectations.

It means ‘as time goes by.’ Black life is also slowly approaching death, but at the moment before the death, the eyes are still with expectations, what do you expect? I hope, of course, that those people will not be racist. I hope life is equal. This sentence has other meaning that is talking about the world! No matter how good things you have, as the years go by, everything will be lost, life is no exception.

This one “The set of fatigued eyes still carries hope, Today there is only the remains of a shell To welcome the glorious years” this sentence is my favorite one, the meaning is One-day black people will surely be rehabilitated, and there will be no racial discrimination in the world. The dead black souls will welcome the glorious years. Whether there is no distinction between skin color and color. May there be no distinction between you and me in this land, which means ‘I hope there is no racial discrimination, the lives of all people on this earth are equal.’ the colorful beauty flashed out because he did not. Separate each color. Black is a kind of colorful color, black skin is also beautiful, ‘because he did not’ means that you people who discriminate against us, do you have black skin? (separate each color) means. Don’t divide the skin color. Also, there two more lyrics very famous that is” A lifetime of loss and struggle, believing in one’s ability to change the future, who else can accomplish this?” the meaning is asking who can do it. It means that blacks have been rehabilitating themselves all their lives. I hope those people are not racist. I hope I can change the future. But can it change? These lyrics are also asking the world. Everyone’s life will go through hard work, after the struggle. But who can change his future? Who can dominate his destiny?

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