The Subject I Hate the Most in School

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The author expresses how their father is their worst enemy. They feel left out when they see other kids spending time with their fathers. The father picks his wife over the author, making them feel like a small kid next to bigfoot. The author’s father lied to them and let them down multiple times, causing them to become angry and mean. The author wishes they could tell their father how much he hurt them and made them into a person they don’t want to be. Despite everything, the author acknowledges that their father will always be their dad.

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Everyone deserves a good father. Everywhere I go I see kids spending time with their fathers, but not me. My father is my worst enemy. For example, he picks his wife over me, he makes me feel like a small kid next to bigfoot, and he made me into a person I don’t want to be. My father is my worst enemy because he picks my stepmother over me. He lets his wife dominate him like a toy. For example, one day I was supposed to go to their house to sleep over. I was ready to go when I get a call from my father. He said “Sorry but I can’t pick you up because my wife is in the hospital. I hope she feels better, that’s what I said. Then a short while later my mom calls me and says that my father was lying.

My stepmother wasn’t in the hospital. My stepmother just didn’t want me to come. It wasn’t a real shock because my father has stood me up various times. I was so angry but the worst part is he couldn’t even tell me the truth. Another time is when I was play fighting with my stepbrother because he wanted me to. Then I scratched him by mistake on his neck. He told his mom that I scratched him on purpose. My stepmother came in the room and started yelling at me.

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My dad was right beside me and didn’t even try to defend me. I got so mad I responded and said “he hit me too. ” My father is my worst enemy. He makes me feel like a small kid next to bigfoot. I feel useless like when I was small or a younger child. I used to wait for my father to call me. Wishing the phone would ring, for him to take me to the movies or the park. He always told me lies and excuses. I can’t believe he never ran out of what to say. Every time he let me down I’d get very upset. Even though I knew he would do it again it still would always hurt.

My father is my worst enemy. He made me into a person that I don’t want to be. He made me angry and mean. I remember I used to be happy, friendly, and my friends used to call me “peppy”. I wish I could tell him how much he hurt me and that he made me into a person I don’t want to be. Like I used to be confident, now I’m insecure and can’t make decisions on my own. My father can be the worst father in the world but I bet there are worse. There’s nothing I can do to change it, what’s done is done. He will always be my dad even if I don’t want him to. I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

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