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The Sun Also Rises Essay

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The book is ok, there were three main characters. The main characters were Robert Cohn, Lady Brett Ashley, and Jake Barnes. The book is all right, the only reason I didn’t like is because it talks about slaves and I don’t like that. The story was set in Spain in the 1920’s with main characters going to see a bullfight

Robert Cohn is the main character. Robert is an educated Jewish American who is a writer and an ex-boxer he loved to box.

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The Sun Also Rises
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The title meant a lot to him. He got a flat nose and never boxed again. He fell in love with Lady Ashley.

The Lady Brett Ashley usually goes by the name Brett. The story is based around her. She loved to drink and go to the cafés in Spain. Everyone loved to drink in the book. She is French and spends her time in and out of relationships with other men, men without Jake’s type of unfortunate injury.

She got herself a fiancé (Mike Campbell) later in the book. She loved the bullfighting and she fell in love with the bullfighter who’s name was Pedro Romero.

Jake Barnes is the narrator. He’s smart and he was wounded in the war. Jake Barnes also loves Brett but he can never have her. His secret war wound that has left him sexually incapable.

The main conflict of the story I think is about the love between Jake and Lady Ashley. She like’s him in away but she has a fiancé Mike Campbell and she loved him. So she goes for him. All this helped when they ended up in Pamplona and they followed the bull-running festival. They all loved to drink and go to cafés. I thought this book was ok but it had too much romance in it for me. The way the book is written makes it hard to follow the story line and understand the plot. He did a good job writing it and I would tell someone else to read it.David Blevins A4

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