“The Theme of Romeo & Juliet Play”

The essay is about the theme embedded in the play, and explains the moral or outcome of the story. By surprising The Theme of Romeo & Juliet Play Essay William Shakespeare, who wrote The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, has a reason for concluding the story tragically. Romeo and Juliet unexpectedly kill themselves In the climax of the play. In addition, Mercuric, Table, Paris, and Lady Montague all die. All this despair is caused because Romeo and Juliet are disobedient to their families.

Since Romeo and Juliet craved to be united, their disobedience against their parents led them to their death. Thus, the theme of the play is that disobedience leads to the destruction of life. First, the duel between Mercuric and Table leads both of them to destruction. Romeo tries to be nice to Table by saying. “Table, the reason that I have to love thee / Doth much excuse the appertaining rage / to such a greeting. Villain am I none. / Therefore farewell. I see thou knows me not” (Lines 59-62 Pig. 722 Scene 1 Act 3). In this quote,

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Romeo shows politeness towards Table, however Table ignores it. Romeo tells Mercuric to stop fighting; yet Mercuric disobeys his words, and continues to fight Table, therefore Mercuric dies. This causes Romeo to take revenge on Table, and soon he kills Table. As a penalty, Romeo is banished from Verona by the Prince. In view of the fact that Mercuric is killed, and Romeo is banished from Verona, this is an example that resembles the destruction of life. Mercuric disobeys Romeo; his disobedience leads him to the destruction of life.

Secondly, Juliet disobeys her parents’ wishes, which Is for her to be married to Paris, by saying, “l pray you tell my lord and father, madam, I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, / rather than Paris. These are news indeed! ” (Lines 121-125 Pig. 740 Scene 5 Act 3). Juliet begs her parents to let her marry Romeo rather than marrying Paris. She marries Romeo despite her parents’ objections, yet, Romeo is banished from Verona, and it is hard for her to meet Romeo.

Although Caplet forces Juliet to marry Paris, Juliet could not abide by her parent’s ashes, so she decides to follow Friar Lawrence plan. Since Juliet follows the Friar’s plan, this led to destruction as well. Juliet dies, as well as Romeo, because the plan was not devised correctly. Lastly, Romeo disobeys Friar Lawrence, which leads himself to a tragic ending. Friar Lawrence advice to Romeo is, “Go hence; good night; and here stands all your state: / Either be gone before the watch be set, / Or by the break of day disguised time to time” (Lines 166-170 Pig. 735 Scene 3 Act 3).

In this quote Romeo is told to visit Juliet and then remain in Mantra until further notice. However, in great depression, Romeo disobeys Friar Lawrence words and leaves Mantra to see Juliet after hearing about Gullet’s tragic death. Since Romeo and Juliet commit suicide and rebel against their parents’ wishes, this leads them to the destruction of life. A theme or moral, which is a lesson to be taught, is usually included in most of the stories. If Mercuric had obeyed Romeos advice, which was not to continue to duel with Table, Mercuric would have not been killed.

Furthermore, if Juliet had not sobered her parents, and agreed to marry Paris through great reluctance, she would have stayed alive. Finally, Romeo disobeys Friar Lawrence words and leaves Mantra to see his young lover, therefore, Juliet and Romeo died. Thus, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, which is about the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, and others, has a heartbreaking, thematic ending. The world could not accept Romeo and Gullet’s love for each other, so they were forced to leave it. Since neither Romeo nor Juliet followed their parent’s wishes, the conclusion results in destruction.

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