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Romeo And Juliet Alternate Ending in Play

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FRR air Laurence then tells Romeo about a potion that will make it seem as if one is dead for 42 hours. The plan is that on the night of the dinner Romeo will sneak through Gullet’s bedroom a d into the kitchen and poison the rim of Lord Capsules wine glass. Paris is to be invited t o the dinner and Juliet will tell him that he needs to impress the Nurse and that he should do so by preparing the cups and pouring the wine.

Therefore framing Paris for the pops on.

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Romeo And Juliet Alternate Ending in Play
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When Lord Caplet falls “dead” The Nurse is to accuse Paris followed by Juliet and Romeo . Soon the whole family will believe that Paris killed Lord Caplet and he will be hauled o oft jail. Romeo will then tell Gullet’s parents that his friend Friar John has a potion that if admit insisted in 42 hours will revive him. Romeo then returns to Friar Laurence who gives him a v ill full of lavender water that looks like potion.

Romeo returns, pours the vial down Lord d Capsules throat right when he is to wake up and BOOM, Instant hero.

That night the pal n goes according to plan and Lord Caplet is alive and well and forever in debt to Or memo. The Prince reverses Romeos exile on account of his “heroism” and the peace between the e Capsules and the Montages. The feud be;men the two families is over, Romeo and Juliet a re free to live their lives in love, and poor Paris rots in jail an innocent man that nobody belie eves. One of Romeo and Juliet” s biggest conflicts is Romeos exile. This conflict is introduced in Act 3 scene 3 after Romeo kills Table.

In the original ending the conflict is resolved pretty quickly with Romeos death. In my ending however, the conflict t is resolved when Romeo becomes a hero and ends the feud between the Montages and the Capsules fueling Prince Callus to reverse Romeos exile. While Shakespearean ending is no doubt more dramatic and climactic mine allows the conflict to be resolved without t he death off main character. Gullet’s greatest conflict is probably her arranged marriage to Paris.

In the origin anal text Shakespeare again decides to resolve this by Gullet’s suicide which is tragic an d romantic but somehow unsatisfying. In my ending I resolved the conflict by Romeo framing Paris for the “death” of Lord Caplet therefore landing him in jail for the rest of his life and unworthy of Gullet’s hand in marriage. The appeal of my resolution I think, is that it satisfies the human desire to watch their favorite characters live happily ever after.

The new ending not only solves Romeo and Gullet’s conflicts but also the conic acts of their families who are no longer in feud with each Other, the prince who no 10 anger has a war on his hands, Friar Laurence who gets to watch his favorite starched lovers live in harmony, and all the towns people who are no longer in danger from the fight TTS in the streets. Overall, happy Verona. All that leaves is innocent Paris in jail confused and all nee. While was happy that my ending solves most of the conflicts of the book see how Shake spares ending is maybe less satisfying but definitely more exciting and tragic.

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