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The Velicovsky Predictions

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  1. Venus was a comet before it became a planet ca 1500bc.
  2. High surface temperature of Venus in 100″s of degrees and a massive surface pressure.
  3. Retrograde revolution of Venus. Anomalous behavior.
  4. Petroleum products in atmosphere of Venus.
  5. Plastic constitution of body of Venus not very rigid due to above.
  6. Interplanetary Electromagnetic @ Electrostatic forces becoming very paramount at close encounters between cosmic bodies.
  7. Recent and repeated world catastrophes (Excluding those over 10,000 yr.) which destroyed Animals,Plants,Humans and Civilizations in the recent 3-4000 yrs.

  8. The very recent dislocations of the orbits of Earth, Venus, Mars @ Moon, due to near collisions between them.
  9. The contra rotation of Earth i.e. the Reversal of East and West due to above.
  10. The shifting of the Earth Celestial Axis of Rotation several times in the last 2-3000 yrs.
  11. Due to the above dislocations, the Orientations of Stonehenge, Pyramids and other fixed monuments are obsolete and do not of course conform to the Solar System as it is today.
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  12. Manna from Heaven was a product of Venus”s Hydrocarbons and Bacterial actions.
  13. Many of the most recent petroleum deposits in Mexico, Arabia, North Africa etc., are due to fallout from Venus.
  14. Uniformitarianism( Newton, Darwin, etc.) is a theory which is incompatible , unacceptable and cannot in many instances explain the Historical, Paleontological, Geological and Archaeological records available to Scientists and Historians. (Theories should fit the Record not vise versa ).
  15. Space is not empty but is swept with Particles , Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields. ( Solar Plasma, Space Charge Sheaths etc.).
  16. The Planets, Moons and the Sun are surrounded by Electromagnetic and Electrostatic envelopes.(Van Allen Belts).
  17. The Planets and the Sun have a substantial Electric Charge.
  18. Jupiter is an emitter of Radio Noises due to its turbulent and active atmosphere.
  19. Mars” surface was scarred and seared by its encounters with Venus .Canals on its surface are Rifts due to surface dislocations and Tectonic movements.
  20. Earth”s rock orientation and reversals are not due to spontaneous processes in the minerals but due to Extraterrestial Electromagnetic forces and fields due to Cosmic encounters.
  21. Radioactive areas on the surface of the Moon and Mars are due to massive Discharges ( Electromagnetic and Electrostatic ) between them and Venus.
  22. The surface of the Moon was enundated with Water during the Universal Deluge but almost all of it was dissociated in recent cosmic encounters.
  23. The Terrestial Magnetic Field which decreases with hight would be stronger above the Ionosphere than on the surface. (1956).
  24. Analysis of Magnetic Inclination (Dip) in clay tablets and pottery from archaeological sites would show reversals of the Earth Magnetic Field due to recent Cosmic encounters as mentioned in almost every ” Mythology” in Human History and Folklore. (1956).
  25. The Alps and Hymalayas, to speak of a few mountain ranges, are recent uplifts of the earth surface running in the Thousands of years NOT in the Millions.
  26. The cloud temperature of Venus is dropping with time as it radiates more and more of its internal heat which is greater than what it receives. (1963)
  27. Spectral analysis of Polar Caps of Mars may show a composition of the same Organic Molecules as in the envelope of Venus. (1963)
  28. Low energy Cosmic rays emanating from Saturn.(1963)
  29. Velocity of revolution of Saturn Rings greater than that of the Axial rotation of the planet.(1963)
  30. Chlorine should be looked for in the spectrum of absorption.(1963)
  31. The surfaces of Mars, Venus and Moon bubbled during their recent encounters creating craters (bubble bursts ) and domes when they did not. (1967)
  32. Lavas on the Moon will have high Magnetic Remnance in craters with ray formations since these were due to Interplanetary Electromagnetic Discharges. Magnetised rocks will have strengths much greater than that of the Moon. (May,1969).
  33. The Moon mat have on its surface Exogenous Hydrocarbons in the form of dried Naphta, Bituminous Rocks, Asphalt or Waxes due to its encounter with Venus. (May,1969)
  34. Because the Moon was heated in recent historical times due to Cosmic encounters ,it will exhibit a temperature gradient that increases with depth from the surface. (July,1969) of :
  35. Neon and Argon chief constituents of Mars atmosphere. (1945/6)….(True 8.7.1974).
  36. Earth captured the Moon recently , 9-12000 yrs ago or less. In Greek and Roman “Myths”, the ProSelenes were people who lived in Greece before the Moon was part of the present solar system.See also: Job25:5; Psalm72:5.
  37. Resonances in the orbits of Earth/Moon, Earth/Venus, Earth/Mars due to their Orbital encounter.
  38. For Earth, Venus and Mars to collide, it is very probable that Mars was an inner planet at first and was later thrown out of the ring.
  39. ” Worlds in Collision” meant mostly and invariably contacts between the Electromagnetic envelopes of the planets involved producing catastrophic discharges equalize potentials. These forces were capable of producing Physical, Dynamic and Rotational changes among the contestants. Also, these forces could induce Mutations in Plants and Animals since radioactive as well as electromagnetic ones are in play.
  40. The Moon”s Perturbations as it makes contact with the Earth”s Magnetosphere is the only explanation for this behavior since gravitational theory does not account for it.
  41. Thunderbolts on Jupiter transmuted 2″O” atoms into a Sulfur atom. ( Jan 1945, before the A and H bombs; Fission and Fusion).
  42. Collective and Universal Amnesia due to the recent Catastrophes. Acting out Repressed memories in the form of wars, genocide and destruction. (The whole field of Psychology changes).
  43. “Mythology” loses its meaning in light of Velikovsky”s theories since they become based on observed but not easily understood cosmic occurrences.
  44. The structure of Conventional History which is unfortunately and invariably based on that of the Egyptians (Manethoan Dynasties), is wrong in numerous instances . It is based to start with, on the wrong Datum Line, hence all other local histories become dislocated and disjointed .Conventional Middle Eastern history is incompatible with the records and exhibits Duplicate and Ghost dynasties , kings and periods culminating in discrepancies of 500 to 1000 years!!.

In conclusion, Velikovsky”s Interdisciplinary forays would and must change our concepts and understandings in almost every major field of human thought and endeavor encompassing the fields of Astronomy, Physics, Dynamics, Archaeology, Paleontology, Geology, History, Religion, Myths Psychology ,Psychoanalysis as well as all of their sub disciplines.

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