Theme of Racism in Play “Fences”

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Throughout many century racism is tremendously an issue to African American. African American have struggled a lot in America as they went from slavery to segregation and still till these days they do not look like others even after all people fighting for American American people rights.African American cannot do certain things as they are always looked down due to their skin color. Skin color was an issue as dark skin would look inferior. African American people can not chase their dreams even if they did they would get a low position of their dream like in the book fences. In the play fences, there were so many cases in which the African American people desire for a position like for in which they cannot get as If they do get it they would get the lower position.

Racism is one of the ways in which it prevents African Americans from achieving their dream job in terms of sports, work, and businesses.  Back then there was no hope nor faith, dreams were to be forgotten as there is nothing you could’ve done back then. Troy: ‘The white man ain’t gonna let you get nowhere with that football no way.’ (1.3.78) this represents that even though time has changed a lot he still believe it didn’t really change. Troy assumes that Cory won’t go far with his football career as the white man will not let him succeed, LIttle does Troy know is that tie has changed a lot to the point where African and American people are accepted to games. Even though Troy desire to be part of the baseball team and didn’t make it in due to his skin tone he manages to somehow get a job as a drive which was rare as the African American people are to pick up trash and the white is to drive.

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Bono: ‘[Troy’s] gonna be the first colored driver. Ain’t got to do nothing but sit up there and read the paper like them, white fellows.’ (1.4.50) This shows that Troy has gone through times in which he wasn’t able to be part of a baseball team back then as it wasn’t equal back then.  During Troy’s younger years he was an Amazing baseball player but due to the color barrier, he was not able to finish his dreams. Yet it is proven that he somehow manages to tear apart the race barrier. In an article it states “The Black Rep continues its exploration of acclaimed playwright August Wilson’s canon with a finely wrought, hard-hitting production of Fences that explores the lingering impact of racism through the eyes of Troy Maxson. Heavy with dreams dashed and deferred and the cumulative anger of years of abuse and disrespect, the play is pointedly sharp and unflinchingly resolute”(Bleacher Report). This shows that racism was an issue throughout the whole play  African American always gets a low position and they don’t see themselves with a higher position anymore due to how society makes them feel. Troy: ”You think only white fellows got sense enough to drive a truck. That ain’t no paper job” (1.1.13). This proves that Troy is constantly trying to fight for his right as he is dissatisfied with his job and sees himself dealing with discrimination.

As the white people get to drive the truck and African Americans pick up the trash which seems unfair to him. He is technically fighting for himself for a higher position not only his but also and other African American workers in the sanitation department. Although Troy fighting for his right, in this case, Troy feels that society forced him to even stereotype himself.As troy himself cannot imagine him to get a normal job or even him handling basic jobs such as a job in a case of office jobs or even jobs involving taking care of papers. This shows that African American little by little tends to become racist themselves toward themselves as they officially see themselves as getting a job in a lower position due to how society makes them feel. The way the African American think low of themselves becomes a habit. But then during that time, African American wasn’t educated that much as they weren’t able to do certain things such as reading or writing due to the fact of poverty and inequality. The article stated “Athletes have power, yes, but it is an unfair and unrealistic expectation that they alone can solve these issues. We can have all the campaigns against racism and all the symbolic gestures to end injustice, but there has to be leveraged to influence change”(KDHX). This proves that racism even till this day exists even when it comes to sports in especially in the team Major League Baseball team. African American people are always looked down and racism will always occur.

We need to change the way we see, the injustice must end.  In conclusion, racism is always an issue and will be. We all are human we have desires in which we would want to fulfill such as a dream. It wasn’t fully guaranteed that African American seriously had their right. This made the own African American people assume their capability and see themselves not being able to get an equal job as the white. Even though African American did have dreams they weren’t allowed to express it back then as it would seem hopeless.If this continues this world would be harmful. History should stop repeating we must change our point of view and ssee African American are like us.

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