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To the Philippine Youth Interpretation

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To The Philippine Youth Today To The Philippine Youth written by Jose Rizal, I believe, was written wrote this for those innocent Filipinos who we’re given below average education due to the Spaniards controlling the quality of education. Rizal wanted to tell the Philippine Youth before to remove the inferiority that was instilled to them by the Spaniards and “Lift up your radiant brow”. The Philippine Youth in these times aren’t living up to their full potential, that is why Rizal is encouraging, if not imploring these youths to show what they are capable of.

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To the Philippine Youth Interpretation
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This poem is obviously saying in the common Filipino saying, “ang kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan. ” Or The Youth is the Hope of our Motherland. It was said this way because the motherland really did need “hope”, hope from the country’s oppressors and hope from ignorance that is being provided by those tyrants. Through higher education, and clarity of what was truly happening in the country, the youth will be able to protect the country from tyranny.

Rizal is showing his pride in being a Filipino with this poem.

He explicitly declared his citizenship in this poem, by saying “Fair hope of my Motherland” and “Youth of my native strand”. The poem is written for the youths of his time to exhibit their hidden potential to inspire not only their fellow Filipinos but the world. Realizing the ones ability will not only help in being respected by others but will also help in respecting their selves leading to the desire for liberty. Because of many technological advances like the internet, there is no longer an excuse to be ignorant.

Filipino Youths of our time need to learn from the example set by the Youths of their time, it was very difficult to communicate and books we’re hardly read, but they we’re able to show that they are willing to fight for the country. The Youth Today, even without the Spaniards who we’re oppressing us, needs to show that they are capable in exhibiting intelligence. With the intellect demonstrated, no one would even dare to treat us like fools. With everything that is said, To The Philippine Youth can be addressed to the Philippine Youth of Rizal today and the future.

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To the Philippine Youth Interpretation. (2016, Oct 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/to-the-philippine-youth-interpretation/

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