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Tourism Debate Notes

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BUS 2913 Sustaining Cultural Identity through Tourism and Events Assessment item 2 Class Debates under the General Theme: “The Importance of Preserving Heritage and Culture for the Growth of Tourism” DUE Date: Week 11 Weighting: Debate Presentation: 15% (Group Assessment) Written Debate Notes: 10% (Individual) The objective of the debate is to challenge other’s facts and opinions with those of your own. Debating is a fun and entertaining way to develop critical thinking and analytical skills while fostering teamwork and communication.

The debate format also allows you and your team to share research and knowledge gained with the rest of the class.

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Tourism Debate Notes
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Students are encouraged to tie together the major concepts of the course as you prepare your debate positions. The class is to divide into groups of 6 (3 students positive, 3 students negative) Suggested debate topics under the general theme “The importance of preserving heritage and culture for the growth of tourism” 1.

The Dubai/Abu Dhabi government and other tourism operators are using the appropriate strategies to strengthen the Emirati Culture and preserve its heritage while promoting tourism growth for a sustainable future.

2. Mass tourism is destroying Dubai’s/Abu Dhabi’s traditional culture, identity and way of life. 3. The economic benefits of mass tourism far exceed any negative impacts being experienced by the Dubai/Abu Dhabi community. 4. Dubai/Abu Dhabi is like a tourist theme park and the relevant stakeholders should take measures to sustain local cultural identity before it’s lost as a minority group. . UAE needs to preserve its heritage, nature and countryside rather than allowing developers to build more hotels and bigger tourist complexes. 6. UAE should limit the number of foreigners into the country to mai ntain its cultural identity and heritage. 7.

“Do in Rome as the Romans do”. Do you think tourists visiting Dubai/Abu Dhabi should adopt the same mindset? 8. Arabic should be the formal national language, and foreigners should learn to use it if they choose to reside in the UAE. . Locals need to know more about their own culture than they do. 10. Tourism these days is too commercialized. As a result, the authenticity and experience to explore the local heritage is lost. 11. The tourism policies of the UAE/Abu Dhabi must develop to include promotion of local cultures and traditions at the same time paying attention to sustainability of heritage, the landscape and the local culture. 12. Can cultural conservation be maintained as the regardless of the demands of tourism? 13.

Tourists are now looking for true experiences when they travel. They want to meet people from other cultures and to learn something about this new culture. 14. Is there a conflict between the benefits tourism provides for the economy, and for the social environment in which it operates? Consider the loss of social and cultural identity and values. 15. Is it necessary for Abu Dhai (UAE) to develop an approach to tourism and event development that balances the needs of the visitor, the host community and the natural environment? 6. To be successful, Abu Dhabi/UAE must adapt its tourism policies to take account of the needs of local people, local culture, local economy, respect for the environment and a need to grow its economy. 17. Considering local people as the priority and tourists as not so important, is essential as a method of sustaining local culture, heritage and traditions. 18.

Tourism makes a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. General considerations: Review in a disciplined and structured way important issues * The general motion is “Mass Tourism Is Good For Dubai/Abu Dhabi” * Each group two teams – ‘affirmative’ and ‘negative’ * Team meetings and strategies – must thoroughly prepare main arguments to use in for each area of impact/ issue * Teacher will act as Adjudicator and Chairman * Time limit for each speaker * Don’t get personal * Use fact not fiction * General guidelines for debating teams attached

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