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The world is facing the threat of global warming, and it is important for us to collaborate in order to fight this issue. Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car that was introduced as an eco-friendly solution to the problem of pollution. The car is designed to work with both petrol fuel and an electric engine, making it a good alternative for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Toyota identified the target market for the Prius as educated middle-class people in developed urban areas, and they started promoting education through websites. The California Air Resources Board rated the Prius as one of the leanest vehicles sold in the United States based on smog-forming emissions. The Prius is not only eco-friendly but also a lifestyle choice with the latest technology and a smooth ride promoting huge savings on fuel. Due to the oil crisis in the United States, fuel prices heavily increased, and Toyota saw a business opportunity in the market niche for a car with a low gas bill attached. However, over time, the Prius faced competition from other auto-makers producing hybrid cars with improved features. The Prius is a car of the future and a smart choice for those who are educated about the impact of global warming.

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Climate in the world is changing and affects all of human kind. All together we have to collaborate in order to fight the threat which global warming has become. It is important to be aware of this threat and educate ourselves on which changes are needed to cure our planet from this disease. The Toyota Pries came to be a fighter in this war. A hybrid electric car, one of the first of its kind to be mass produced and marketed, working with traditional petrol fuel and an electric engine.

This dual fuel engine is capable of producing electrical power, avoiding contamination and relieving our pocket from petrol money. Not at all expensive for the technology and engineering involve in it, Toyota came to the market with this innovating product crossing into multiple market segments but mainly to reach middle class educated people in developed urbanites countries. Once Toyota identified the target market, they started promoting education through websites beginning with a main geographical segmentation in Japan and moving afterwards to the USA.

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The California Air Resources Board, (also known as CARS), rate the Pries as “among the leanest vehicles sold in the United States based on smog-forming emissions”. Educated aware middle class or wealthy still “nesting” people could find the Pries as an excellent choice for their children with a driver license. It should be the parent’s responsibility to instruct their children on global warming. The Pries positions itself not only as echo-friendly but also as a lifestyle with a practical way of traveling in the city with latest technology and a smooth ride promoting huge safes on fuel.

Due to oil crisis in the United States, fuel prices heavily increased and Toyota saw in this market niche a business opportunity and another position for the Pries: a car with a very low gas bill attached. Afterwards expanding to other big cities for the same segment and positioning itself on the same basis. At that time Honda was the competitor but failed because of its poor design. After a few years of market domination with the Pries, Toyota encountered with quite a fight as pretty much any other auto-maker darted to produce hybrid cars, improved hybrid car.

An example is the Ford C-Max Hybrid denominated the “Pries Fighter” which outsold the Pries V the first month. Global warming affects us all and it is very clear that we should all change our sources of energy: carbon fuel power to electrical power. Hybrid cars are the car of the future, are the cars of present day for those who are educated. The smartest choice in many aspects for sure and competition in this industry will lead to a better offer.

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