Trash by Andy Mulligan

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Is a fresh set in an nameless 3rd universe state. Three dumpsite male childs discover a billfold incorporating a note. key. 11. 00 pesos and an ID card in Belhala Dump while trash picking. They shortly find themselves running from the constabulary. checking codifications. look intoing hints. sing an question and even shopping in the hope of compensating a awful incorrect. Through an analysis of word picture. point of position. reader placement and puting we can see the chief themes/ideas presented in “Trash” are ; friendly relationship. corruptness. disparity in wealth and poorness.


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In the novel the writer uses puting and word picture to analyze the idea/theme of poorness. On page Pg3 there is a superb quotation mark from Raphael mentioning to Belhala. to back up the subject. “Most people live in boxes stacked tall and high. ” Using this quotation mark we can deduce that most abode of Belhala live in boxes. stacked up on top of each other. Therefore they mustn’t have adequate financess or money to afford a suited house to sojourn in. This is an first-class illustration of the subject of poorness. Using puting one time once more we can detect the thought of poorness in the text. Through another quotation mark from Raphael on Pg4 the thought is portrayed celestially. “The mountains travel right from the docks to the fens. one whole universe of steaming rubbish. ” Using this quotation mark we can place that Belhala is non an established. good built or profitable metropolis.

Alternatively it is unluckily. a metropolis of steaming refuse. Consequently. this must intend the dwellers haven’t adequate money to populate in a well-equipped. well-built metropolis. Alternatively they live their day-to-day lives among rubbish. This once more portrays the subject of poorness superbly in the text. Last utilizing word picture the thought of poorness can be farther investigated in the text. Using yet another quotation mark ( Pg4 ) . from Raphael the thought is portrayed sufficiently. “I am one of the rubbish male childs. picking up the material this metropolis throws off. ” Through this quotation mark we can interoperate that Raphael is the family’s beginning of money. We make this observation due to the fact that Raphael is excessively immature to lawfully work. and normally parents or defenders are supposed to supply for their kids. Although Raphael must due to the dire. destitute fortunes. Therefore his household must trust on Raphael to provide the small money they have. This is a terrific illustration of poorness in the text. Using the above examples we can now place how the writer has used word picture to portray the thought of poorness in the novel.


In the text. the writer uses reader placement and point of position to look into the idea/theme of friendly relationship. Olivia Weston is the impermanent house female parent at Belhala’s Mission School and she has been characterised as a compassionate immature lady who wants to do a difference to the children’s lives. We know this due to the manner she thinks and behaves. In her visit to Colva Prison she explains how she “fell in love” with the Belhala kids and the “eyes looking at me. and the smiles” ( p. 78 ) . Using these two quotation marks we can deduce Olivia has deep feelings of friendly relationship for the male childs. which is a antic illustration of the subject of friendly relationship in the text. She besides says another antic quotation mark to back up the subject: “the mountains of rubbish. and the children… is a thing to alter your life” ( p. 78 ) . Through this quotation mark we can see that the writer has used reader positioning to demo Olivia’s friendly relationship.

For illustration. Olivia’s ideas place the reader to understand the deepness of her fondness for the Belhala kids and her desire to care. love and link with them. Her Friendly nature is besides shown through her behavior when she helps the male childs visit the prison. Alternatively of merely escorting the male child. she buys them new apparels even though the monetary values shocked her. Clearly. Olivia does whatever she can to assist the male childs. even though she has no thought what’s traveling on. Merely a true friend would move in this mode. Therefore once more the thought of friendly relationship is used in the text. Using the above examples we now recognize how Andy Mulligan has used reader placement and word picture to look into the idea/theme of friendly relationship in the text.


Word picture and point of position are used to research the idea/theme of corruptness in the text. Using word picture the writer can portray this thought chip and clearly. On Pg12 there is a antic quotation mark from Gardo mentioning to the people working for the constabulary to happen the bag of money. “Do you truly think they’ll give it? ’’ ( Page34 ) . From this quotation mark we can deduce that Gardo doesn’t trust the constabulary and believes they will do the people work without paying. This is an illustration of the constabulary being untruthful and corrupt. Another quotation mark to warrant the thought of corruptness can be found on page 34 from Raphael. “When the constabulary acquire average you don’t desire to be about. ”

Using this quotation mark we can deduce that the constabulary will physically harm anyone they think is involved in the state of affairs. This an first-class illustration of corruptness in the text. A different illustration is when Raphael’s Auntie States: “Everyone knows what things they do! ” ( Page34 ) . This means that everyone in Belhala is afraid of the force the constabulary could bring down on them. This is most decidedly an improper act and validates the police officers being corrupt. Due to the analysis of the text we now acknowledge how the writer has used the idea/theme of corruptness in the novel.


To conclude. through a complete analysis of Trash by Andy Mulligan. we can now understand the writer has used word picture. point of position. reader placement and puting to expeditiously research the thoughts of. poorness. corruptness and friendly relationship in the novel.

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