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Travel Is The Best Education

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?In the technologically advanced era that we are living in, travelling has become not only easier, but also more accessible to almost everyone. Therefore, more and more people have the opportunity to get to places they have never been to before, making the experience interesting and, at the same time, educational. It has become in this way, the best form of education. Millions of people travel around the world at any given time, through various means of transport.

This means that a very big number of people have the chance to see something they have never seen before, learn from the new experiences and broaden their horizons, as they get new ideas from the new people they meet, realize that the differences between them make everybody unique and so they also learn to respect those differences.

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Travel Is The Best Education
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Travelling gives the chance to people to strengthen and develop their character and mind, as it helps them to learn how to manage themselves in various situations, such as asking directions in a different countries , to give the simplest example.

Therefore, travelling means having to do with new people, new places and new situations that require critical thinking. In addition to that, travelling doesn’t only provide knowledge about new cultures and interesting facts about the countries and their people, but it also makes the travelers understand and value more their own culture, home and lifestyle. There is also the planning phase of the trip, which can be an education opportunity in itself.

For example, the maps. What route will you take? Geography. What sites will you visit? History and culture. How long will it take you to get to each city and how will this work in your budget? Math. And, for a dose of social skills, you can always interact with interesting people: waitresses, hotel owners, tour guides, market sellers and anyone else you come into contact with can be ideal sources of local information.

More and more people every year get to travel to other countries and experience the educational character travelling has to offer in a fun way, a lot better in practice than in theory. Who needs a textbook (although you can still bring them along) when you can visit historical sites, art galleries, museums, and sporting events in person? That’s why, it is right to say that travelling constitutes the best form of education.

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