Two Words By Isabel Allende Research Analysis

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The short narrative ” Two Wordss ” by Isabel Allende is a narrative about a miss who went by the name of Belisa Crepusculario. She had utmost desire to be the best at selling words, since the first clip she saw words in the athleticss subdivision of the newspaper. Belisa learned to read from a priest for 20 pesos and read the dictionary until she knew it cold. She went from the top of vesicating cold mountains to searing hot seashores selling her words in markets and carnivals. Belisa’s words became popular fast and everyone knew who she was. Peoples waited for her from twelvemonth to twelvemonth to hear her words.

The chief focal point in this narrative is on the two words that she said to El Mulato that cursed him. This shows that you can ” t be so speedy to judge person. The struggle in the narrative is adult male vs. adult male because it is by and large a conflict between Belisa and El Mulato and in the terminal Belisa won the conflict by cussing El Mulato doing him unable to run for president.

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This short narrative ” Two Wordss ” is written in an all-knowing narrative point of position, in other words a individual is stating a narrative about something that happened to person else. The chief character in this short narrative is Belisa Crepusculario. Belisa is a unit of ammunition character because in the beginning of the narrative Belisa was a hapless cipher. She was born into a hapless household until she decided to put out across the fields toward the sea. When she made it across she found on the land a newspaper and decided that she wanted to sell words, which changed her full life. She subsequently became known to everyone she became the best there is at her occupation in selling words. I believe that the writer tries to take the reader in to sympathising for the people when the writer wrote,  ” The Rebels swept into town like a stampeding herd “. Chickens took wing, Canis familiariss ran for their lives, adult females and kids scurried out of sight, un

til the lone life psyche left in the market was Belisa Crepusculario.  ” Because this quotation mark from the narrative shows how everyone’s scared of both the Colonel and El Mulato except for Belisa.

The scene is of import in this narrative do the narrative is set in Spain back in the clip when adult females had no rights and were merely used to cook and clean. But Belisa contradicts society by seting a expletive on El Mulato a mighty almighty adult male who everyone is scared of except Belisa. When Belisa curses El Mulato the one time all mighty adult male El Mulato is in the custodies of a adult female who defeated him.

When reading this short narrative I think that we are suppose to experience surprised after reading the narrative from Belisa’s achievements because Belisa went from being unpopular and hapless to being the most widely known and the most powerful at the terminal of the narrative. The message in this narrative is aimed to the reader and it says that anyone can make anything they want if they put at that place head to it, and if Us have the finding you can carry through a batch no affair what you are covering with in life. Another message in the narrative is that no affair how strong or powerful one is at that place will ever be person bigger and better.

When I foremost read this narrative I found it hard and to to the full understand the narrative I had to read it 3 times. I found the narrative to non be easy reading. It was hard to follow along. And the narrative didn’t involvement me so I found it hard to acquire into the narrative. I found the narrative to be really thought provoking I had to halt at the underside of each page and travel over what had happened so I to the full understood it. There seemed to be a batch of holes in the narrative where the reader has to do up whats go oning or traveling to go on. I besides wear Ts like how at the terminal of the narrative it leaves you hanging and there is no existent stoping which I find raging cause now that I read it and understand it I want to cognize how its traveling to stop.


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