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Types of Letters: Letter of Enquiry



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    Letter of enquiry As the head of the Human Resource of the International Bank FRG, I enquire about the School of Modern Languages. I am particularly interested in the Business English training that I want my employees to attend. I would be grateful if you could send me details about the following: * The length/duration of the courses and also the time when they start, taking into consideration my employees’ schedule. * The overall number of classes, because mu employees are beginners and at intermediate level. The price of the courses, because we want to bring all trainees to the same level; moreover beginners should be given more attention. * The available materials. I would like to visit your school and see how the courses evolve. Also, I would like to know what certificate my employees will obtain after finishing your training. I thank you in anticipation of a prompt reply. Yours faithfully, Johanna Konig Head of HR Department of International Bank FRG Orders Dear Mr. Kjaer, I am writing to you concerning our order No R497.

    Would you please make sure that our navigational instruments are packed individually, in 8 boxes, numbered, with our logo and shipping air fright? I must point out how important it is for us to receive our goods until 18th of January. Otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the order and return the entire shipment at your entire cost and expense. I strongly insist that your invoice shows all individual cost and the 3% quantity discount that we agreed on. Your prompt attention to our order will be much appreciated. Yours sincerely, Anne Lenoir Anne Lenoir Enc Order form R497 Letter of application Str.

    Republicii Nr. 2 Brasov Mr. Stephen White Human Resource Manager Construct Ltd. Calea Victoriei, Bucharest Dear Mr. White, Ref: Training Managers Position I am interested in applying for the position of Training Manager, which was advertised in “The Daily Newspaper” on the 23rd of May 2011. My goal is to work in a multi-national company where I can broaden my knowledge in the field of business. As you will see from my enclosed CV, I graduated from the University of Economic Sciences, Business Administration program of study, and I had the opportunity to have an internship at Bizladies, in Vienna, Austria.

    I would like to emphasize that I can maintain friendly relationships with people, working in teams being one of my strong points. Resilience and assertiveness describe me best, that is the reason why making decisions and deadlines do not frighten me. I enjoy challenging work and this makes the advertised position extremely attractive for me. I also like travelling and developing new skills. Should you wish to discuss matters further, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you during the next two months. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Letter of complaint Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are writing to you in connection with the holiday spent in Spain, booked through your company. We would like to inform you that the services offered by your company were very poor in proportion to the price. I fact, neither the hotel, nor the resort came up to our expectations. First of all, we were surprised to find out that the hotel was not as close to the beach as advertised, and we did not have internet access all the time, especially in the evening. Another thing that should be brought to your attention is the fact that the food was not always fresh and the staff was not as polite as we expected.

    Moreover, the house keepers failed to maintain a perfect cleanness and enjoyable atmosphere. It was always hard to ask for toiletries in the bathroom, which came rather late. In addition, the receptionist was not as friendly and polite as they should be not giving us any information. Consequently, under these circumstances we feel we are entitled to a compensation for the inconvenience caused. We expect that you will look into the matter without delay. Yours faithfully, Invitation Dear Mr. Hoffman, I would be very glad to accept your kind invitation to participate in your annual dinner.

    I am honored to be given the chance to be one of your guest speakers, Single European Currency being one of my favorite topics. I love being in contact with students, this making me reminisce of my old time as a student. As I am planning to arrive there on the 14th of February, I would appreciate if you could confirm travel details and accommodation arrangements. Please find enclosed a brief outline of the proposal for my talk. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Personal recommendation To whom it may concern

    This letter is to serve as a formal recommendation for Jane Doe, as a tourist guide. She has been a long time friend and an excellent employee of my company. Having known her for many years, I have a clear knowledge of her abilities as a guide, being an executive manager for the other ones. She is a strong person, loves traveling, and has a great relationship with people, great communication and leadership skills. Although she was an important asset to our department, she is looking for new challenges and I am convinced that her strong character and enthusiasm will take her a long way.

    I believe that Jane’s past experience as a guide will perfectly fit your expectations. Consequently, I highly recommend Jane for employment. I feel sure she would be an essential part of your team. Yours faithfully, Report To: Michael Jones Jr. , editor From: Jessica Dawson Subject: Students’ Present Opportunities and Problems Date: 23rd of May 2012 Introduction The purpose of this report is to highlight the problems and opportunities students encounter nowadays. Problems There have been several complaints regarding the smoking areas of the University.

    A great number of students disregard the signs and persist smoking everywhere. Another problem regards the computers at students’ disposal. They are too old and do not function properly anymore. Opportunities A great opportunity for students is the Erasmus scholarship, which is a great advantage for their academic development. Students can study abroad for one semester or even a year. This is a great chance for intercultural exchange. Conclusion I feel sure that the problems highlighted by the report shall be straightforward to solve, and new opportunities will arise.

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