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Unhealthy lifestyle

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An unhealthy lifestyle, dietary choices, or an unbalanced nutritional intake are very dangerous. There is many health risk such as becoming obese or even problems with your heart. Most people don’t think of these little things until it’s too late to take control. There is ways to prevent these buy eating healthy and eating the appropriate amount of whatever and even exercising. To start try to do some type of exercise or pretty much anything to some extinct that requires physical effort.

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Unhealthy lifestyle
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If you are on a diet eat on a normal eating schedule and eat serving sizes located on the nutritional facts panel and be sure to include your fruits and vegetables instead of avoiding them. You need to balance yourself and make your meal very colorful, in most cases color means more nutrients. These are just some information I have learned about health risks from your choices.

First, there are not a lot of people that are committed to exercising and usually eat and don’t think about weight gain.

A lot of body fat is bad because it causes your body to have to work harder and strain and it can cause serious problems. If you are not capable of much physical activities try cutting back on a lot of foods with fats like butter and oils. I have learned also that it is good to have an eating schedule to go by for example: eating dinner at five o’clock, when you are eating dinner late and you are going to bed after your body is not capable of breaking down the foods and they can be stored as fats. The theme for a healthy lifestyle is stay active and eat orderly.

Next, when it comes to dietary choices people may lack protein, vegetables, etc. When you lack these things you are not getting what your body needs nutritional wise. Also on your diet you don’t want to overload on one item for instance excess meat is fat, yes you need some but don’t overdue. A person should eat three times a day and not graze the day. I also learned that if you don’t eat certain stuff you can become stiff and fatigue.

Also, you want to balance nutrition making your plate usually colorful. Certain colors are based on the nutrition inside. If you eat dark colors they may not have iron and you could get iron-deficiency. I learned that when you lack a nutrient or mineral your body is suffering because you need each either a little or a lot.

In conclusion I have learned a lot that has to do with the health risks many people face because they don’t take the time to get active, balance nutrition, or eat what is actually called a diet. These all have health risks that could be fatal.

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