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Uniforms in School Good or Bad

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Due to misconduct and obscure nature of students, school districts have decided to create a school uniform to create an equal environment in which students have a less of a chance to cause problems. In the opinions of most students, they considered this an act against their personal rights, but then others considered it to be a reasonable idea. School uniforms are somewhat reasonable but to not be in conflict with the students, a better idea would be to put restrictions to clothing.

Applying a dress code, but not a full out uniform.

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Uniforms in School Good or Bad
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School uniforms have an affect on the general environment of a school. One proposal described in the “Washington Post” states that most schools have turned to a school uniform to relieve the pressure on students to try to keep up with the fashions and be hip (B1). Which is true to some extent. Some students may face certain pressures to stay hip but it really doesn’t effect a huge majority.

For larger schools it might effect a greater percentage.

School Uniforms have placed a question upon the students’ parents and school districts. According to an article published in the Bellingham Herald states that a school or school district may require a school uniform when it has an overwhelming need to put into place (A9). This is agreeable, but to put school uniforms into effect a vote must occur with the parents of the school district before bringing the idea up with the school board. The student body should also have their opinion voiced to the school board.

One major conflict that arises is the issue on if clothing is a form of symbolism. Some say it could be a form of speech (A9). This could be true to some extent but if a piece of clothing is disrupting or offending anyone should be removed and never seen on the premises. Yes, students should be able to dress the way they want, but schools should have the right to set standards and create more of a dress code, not a unique uniform that each student must wear.

The concept of a school uniform is a great a idea, but there are some flaws and specific items that go along with it that people dislike. If a dress code was created, the same objectives could possibly be achieved as through a school uniform. This dress code wouldn’t be extremely tight where the students involved would become upset over the issue. With a moderate dress code misconduct and student conflicts would considerably decrease, because the students would be able to dress closely to the way they want, yet taking away some brand names or unpleasant apparel that satisfies the school district, and parents of students. Misconduct will always occur in schools not matter what type of clothing students wear, students who are problems will always seem to be a problem. This dress code may decrease misconduct but I doubt it would eliminate it, but it would be a great start.

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