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I wish to seek your attention towards over 60-70% of total working population of Asian countries are employed/ engaged directly or indirectly with informal unorganized sectors specially small cottage and agriculture sectors. Where people working do not have entitlement of social security schemes. These sectors are directly or indirectly involved in the export to other countries. It is very disappointing that no organization has till now comes across to solve this to get the poor people for their social security benefit. They do not want any thing free but there should be an international law to protect the interest of social security for their oldage/disability/illness/unemployment etc. give a small example as if a person from informal sectorMeets an accident/ gets ill for long time/ remains unemployed/old age when unable to work etc. Under these circumstances person has no alternate for food/shelter. This is all due to lack of involving this informal sector to the mainstream of UNO or ILO. Old aged people percentage is growing every day. This issue has to be treated human rights issue.

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It is only the international organization that can force any country saying look if you want to be member of world trade organization (W.T.O)/ member of united nationalorganizations u have to have this minimum percentage ofpopulation from unorganized sectors covered in social security.

Please think that this is real concern as old aged people percentage is growing every year. And Asia is getting day by daymodern and Europeanized children may not want oldies to stay with them as this fashion has begun in India also. You can seemany old aged people coming to streets to beg for mere one timefood without shelter. STEPS FOR U.N.O:1.Make a law to all the countries, as social security coverage is mandatory to enter the world trade center (W.T.O). Or for claiming loan from the World Bank.

2.Concerned Government has to submit its report and progress to ILO. And time to time inspection by i.e. to find truth.

3.Help the concerned country to bring insurance sectors to come forward with schemes.

4.Find solutions and give guidance to expedite the social security scheme.

STEPS FOR THE RESPONSIBLE COUNTRY:1. It has to be responsibility of the appropriate authority to cover all its population under social security.

2. To avoid corruption, involved authority and concerned responsible to be made answerable and liable to the penalties.

3.SOCIAL SECURITY card to be made as identity card with number. Local police station or administration has to be made responsible (with answerable) for its distribution.

4. Social security number is must for any registration or the identification of a person. make essential to the employer to contribute minimum percentage every month. And make sure the employers have been contributing regularly. I wait your comments and looking forward to hear from you to have the social security schemes made implemented in Asian countries,R (BLOCK)-18/C

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