Effects on Socio-Economic Behaviour on Youth of India Working for Bpo Sector

{draw:g} Content Executive Summary The topic of our Research would broadly include the changes & the reasons behind the changes in the Socio – Economic behavioral aspects, Lifestyle and mindset of the youth (of India) working in the Business Process Outsourcing / ITES Sectors of India. However, the challenges involved in relation to the Work Culture of BPO/Call Centers is quite high, e. g. , – odd working hours, constant competition & pressure from higher management, high stress over handling customers, constant changes in targets, pressure of delivering high performance, etc.

Furthermore, the problem properly magnifies or augments when it comes to the socio-economic implications that these parameters have, the effect on lifestyle of modern day Indian youth e. g.. , increased addiction to smoking, drinking, gradual behavioral changes, feeling of social alienation, acute depression syndrome, psychological disorientation, question over job security, on the job frustration, stagnancy in career progression, frequent tendencies of job changing etc.

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Problem Statement Primarily, our research paper would answer or try to answer the question- How is working in BPO/Call Centers affecting the social behavior, lifestyle and mindset of the current youth of India? Research Objectives Literature Review India is one of the world’s foremost BPO hubs. The size of the Indian BPO industry as of 2005 was $5. 7 billion with a phenomenal growth rate of 44. 4%.

With robust security practices and emphasis being laid on developing trust with clients, the BPO sector in India is on a roll. The best part of this industry is that it is not just concentrated in big cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and all the other Tier I cities but also in Tier II cities like Nashik, Mangalore and even in rural areas. Targeting undergraduates and those who are in their late twenties, BPOs are currently one of the major sources of employment for the Indian youth.

You don’t need to be highly qualified and the money is more than most would make in regular jobs with the same skill set. In the Newsweek article titled “A new face of youth consumerism”, the author Rashmi Bansal says that this free flow of money has resulted in the fact that India’s youth market finally has a credit card – with no supervised spending limits and that’s music to the ears of marketers, who’ve been chasing them for years. According to Nasscom, BPO firms employed 245,500 people in 2003-04.

Assuming 90% of this workforce is below the age of 25 and earns Rs 10,000 a month on an average, the purchasing power of the BPO employed youth is no less than Rs 2,200 crore annually. But is this increase in consumer purchasing power the only outcome of the advent of BPO’s in India or are there other manifestations too? “Aliens” by Rashmi Bansal and Avinash Celestine speaks of a whole new generation out there, with new mindsets, habits and working styles because of the so called BPO effect.

An article in “The Viewspaper” by Upasana Mallick says that this rapid excess of money in the hand of youngsters “is a cause of ruin for numerous individuals as with the increase in the disposable income of these youth they tend to adopt the foreign culture thereby frequenting their visits to disco’s and night clubs and over consumption of external food and liquor”. While some blame the money for this increase in the hedonistic lifestyle of youth today, others blame the continuous exposure to foreign culture as well as the stress associated with the long working hours.

The other major concern experts have regarding the effect of BPO’S on India’s youth is from the health point of view. Most of these jobs require workers to come in shifts with more jobs demanding employees to work in night shift due to the large number of transactions with companies outside of India and in the US. According to the data collected by the Lokniti programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies to investigate the attitudes and perspectives of Indian Youth, working in night shifts is good if done occasionally but doing it on a regular basis has damaging repercussion on a person’s health and lifestyle.

Along with this, working in night shifts puts women at risk as has been shown by the numerous cases reported of sexual harassment by cab drivers ferrying the female workers to & from work. The article “International Trends in Private Higher Education and the Indian Scenario” by Asha Gupta shows how BPO’s have led to the creation of an unimaginative and less skilled workforce which could have been one of the most productive if diverted into engineering, medical science, economics, and other fields rucial for the development of the country instead of the BPO industry. Research Design Unquestionably, the key information source for our research is BPO & Call-Center employees. We would be approaching employees of various BPOs/Call-centers based in & around the Electronic City, Bangalore. Since Electronic City is the IT Hub of Bangalore, consisting of more than 100 companies (IT/ITES/BPO based) altogether, it would be an ideal place to conduct such a research survey.

The Information collection procedure would be a questionnaire based survey. One more aspect that we believe is critical for this research project is the fact that we would require a questionnaire that is designed in such a way so that the participant is not fully aware of the conclusions we wish to reach with this survey yet we are eventually able to collect the required data; ie we would be rather sticking to the indirect questionnaire approach.

This exercise would not only improve our skill-set in the area of questionnaire design but also make the participant feel more comfortable during the entire process. Data Analysis Nature and Form of Results Schedule Please note that we are not putting in the exact dates as we are yet to fix up the same and it would be largely dependent on the academic time tables and availability of time for research. Facilities and Special Resources Lastly, we would require access to special resources in the form of guidance from our esteemed faculties- _Prof. Snigdha Rai, Prof. PA Mathew & _Prof. _Stanley. Their suggestions & feedbacks would not only enable us to conduct our research in a more coherent manner but perhaps provide us with a new direction altogether such that additional dimensions could be added onto our final report. Bibliography EBSCO Database – http://search. ebscohost. com Marketing Research – Naresh K. Malhotra, Satyabhushan Dash www. festivals-culture. blogspot. com/2008/09/bpo-culture-good-or-bad-for-indian html www. businessworld. in/index. php/A-new-face-of-youth-consumerism. html www. zorsebol. com/issues/india-call-centre-jobs-bpo-industry/ www. theviewspaper. net/the-bpo-blast www. books. iupindia. org/overview. asp? bookid=IB1101380 www. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Business_process_outsourcing_in_India www. skpweb. blogspot. com/2006/06/is-bpo-industry-ruining-indian-youth. html *Appendix* 1 A Tentative sample Questionnaire Format *Appendix* 2

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