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“Valentine’s Day” by Stuart McLean Sample

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“Stephanie and Paul were so involved with each other that the remainder of the household might every bit good hold disappeared. ” This observation. from the short narrative “humorous. The comedy begins when she develops an attractive force to a male child and starts to haunt over him: “She wrote verse forms to Doug [ . her boyfriend. ] and kept a visible radiation at the dorsum of the book of all the things that make Doug cool. ” Humor is clearly displayed in her gawky arrested developments on male childs.

Furthermore. Stephanie and her friend. Paul. develop a absurd relationship. which leads to uncomfortable and amusing state of affairss. because of their rawness ; such as when Paul brings Stephanie bluish green colored flowers. Stephanie’s female parent finds these state of affairss “awkward…but sweet” ; therefore. demoing that she besides finds wit in her girls relationship. Because of the awkwardness and obsessivity. wit is evident throughout the narrative.

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“Valentine’s Day” by Stuart McLean Sample
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The writer reveals wit in the narrative with Daves’ .

Stephanie’s male parent. attitude towards his daughter’s fellow. Paul. Bing a male parent. Dave feels uncomfortable with his girl dating ; therefore. wit is created through awkward state of affairss. Clearly demoing wit. when Dave sees that Paul has bought Stephanie flowers. “he wince [ s ] . ” However. Dave is glad that Paul does non look like him because “he had read that if a miss didn’t experience love from her male parent she would look for person merely like her male parent to love her. ” Apprehensive of his girl dating. Dave acts humorously when his insecurities are resolved when he concludes that since Paul looks nil like him. his girl must love him. Through Dave’s edginess with Paul. wit is apparent through his insecurities and clumsiness.

Wit is often displayed through Stephanie’s absurdity and her father’s irritability. Worrying about his girl. Dave reacts humorously to Paul because he is fearful of a relationship between Paul and Stephanie. Ultimately. rawness causes Stephanie’s and Paul’s relationship to be pitiably amusing. Concisely. the wit in the Stephanie and Pauls’ relationship is pricelessly amusing.

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